Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!
The first weekend of the year always has a ton of inserts.  This coming weekend is no exception.  I always feel like it is my birthday when I get my paper and it is loaded with coupon inserts.  You can expect at least four (4) inserts this weekend.  Lots of great coupons to pair with some great winter sales.
You should also receive your winter CVS Extra Bucks Rewards the next time you shop at CVS or sign in online and print the coupon.  I got mine yesterday and was pleasantly surprised.  It was $6.50.  Not really that much but when you use coupons and get most of your stuff for next to nothing, you should not expect a big reward. 

Tide Liquid 19-32 Loads.
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For example, I went shopping yesterday at CVS and my total before scanning my card was $54.51.  I bought 5 bottles of the 32 load TIDE liquid detergent and two bottles of DAWN 9 oz size.  They were part of the spend $30 on P&G products and get $10 Extra Bucks Reward

I had $25 in Extra Bucks ($10 I got from a survey; $10 from a previous ECBucks Reward purchase; and $5 from Extra Care rewards for 10 prescriptions).  In addition, I had $11 in manufacturers' coupons (five $2 TIDE coupons and one $1 DAWN coupon) for a total of $31 in coupons.  After scanning my card, I got the sale price for the TIDE ($5.94 each) and 99¢ each for the DAWN.  Bottom line, I paid $1.56 (tax only) for all the items AND I received a $10 coupon AND my $6.50 winter ExtraBucks Reward for a total of $16.50 that I can spend on my next purchase at CVS.
I will receive not a single penny towards my next quarter rewards.  If I am lucky, I will get not a dime in rewards next quarter.  Oh, well... :o)
Here are the inserts for this weekend (click the links to see the coupons): 

Happy Couponing in 2015!

ShaRon :o)

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