Saturday, August 1, 2015

Three Inserts!!!

Hey, Everyone!

There are three inserts in this weekend's paper.  Click these links to see the coupons you can expect in each insert.  As always, remember, the coupons you actually get will vary depending upon your newspaper, city, state, or even your neighborhood.
Throw July's P&G insert away and start using the August P&G insert for some great savings. 

Don't forget to get your 1¢ per ream paper at Staples.  The last day is today!!!  Here's the link for that coupon (limit 4 reams):  Staples 1¢ per ream paper (after rebate).  OR get a 5 ream case of paper (limit 4 cases) for $5 per case of 5 reams (after rebate):  Staples $5 for one case of 5 reams

​Tons and tons and tons of back-to-school coupons and school stuff on sale to use with those coupons.  Get those coupons and get your free school supplies.  Don't just buy enough for the first few weeks.  STOCK UP!  Buy enough for each child for the entire year while its just about free with your coupons.​

​Happy Couponing!
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