Thursday, August 11, 2016

Red Hot Deals...

Hey, Y'all!
Just taking out a little time to let you know that I love my CouponBees!!!

First, CouponBee Valda sent me an email to let me know that Aldi has one dozen large eggs on sale for 79¢/dz!!  I 'bout had a happy fit right in the middle of whatever I was doing. 

As many of you know, my family grew from two to thirteen literally overnight last fall.  That includes ten children + one addition to the thirteen, their cousin who shows up on Fridays for the weekend.  Everyone in our house loves eggs in one form or another:  french toast, scrambled, pancakes, waffles, boiled, egg salad, fried rice (with eggs), sausage casserole, over easy on ramen and hamburgers, egg salad, and pickled.  That equates to about 2 to 3 doz eggs per week.

So, I rushed out to Aldi's yesterday morning and bought twelve dozen.  I was down to two dozen and was getting a little nervous.  I grabbed my eggs and danced out of Aldi's (total for my 12 dz eggs = $8.48).

Next, CouponBee Kendall sent me a link to deals at Harris Teeter that began this morning.  Sorry for the delay.  I've been busy.  Anyway, HT is having their a tripe coupon event until next Tuesday at midnight. 
Here's the link explaining the event: HT TRIPLE COUPON EVENT
Here's the link to some of the deals: HT Triple Coupon Deals.

I am using a coupon database to hunt for coupons to use on these and other deals.  Hot Coupon World database allows you to sort according to the denomination.  Select 25¢, 50¢, or 75¢ denominations and they will triple at HT.  BUT, only if it doesn't specify "Do Not Double or Triple" on it.
Here's the link to the Hot Coupon World database.

Next, enter the denomination of the coupon in the "search" field. 
Type in this format:  $0.75 and NOT 75 cent or 75¢
Change the number of coupons that show to "ALL"

Coupon Previews for Week of 8.14.16

P&G 8/14

Red Plum 8/14

Smart Source 8/14

Fall Coupon Classes Coming!
Are you interested?  Let me know.  I would like to have a class of 15+ couponers to attend.  The cost for the class is the same as last year.  Five cans of veggies and two bottles of hot sauce.  All donations will go the Holiday baskets prepared by the United Methodist Women at our church.  Date, place (Laurel/Beltsville area), and time TBA.  For now, I just want to see if there is any interest.  One class would be identical to the introductory to couponing class last fall.  The second class would be more advanced but no so much that a beginning couponer would not benefit.

Finally, many thanks to CouponBees Kendall and Valda for passing on those coupon deals .

Happy Couponing!​