Saturday, November 14, 2015

Supermarkets - How Stores Compare for Price

Well, Hello, Everyone!

Many thanks to all of you who sent me get well wishes.

My life has been like living in a whirlwind over the last three weeks or so.  The demographics of my home have increased five-fold.  Instead of two adults, there are now an additional TEN children and their father living in our home.  I am deliberately refraining from giving any details about how this came about...please read my book :0)  It should be finished in about ten years or when I have some "spare" time (whichever comes first).

Needless to say, couponing has taken on a whole new meaning.  No longer just a hobby, my couponing is now a necessity.  Only God knew four years ago (when I began couponing), that this season in my life would come.  Even my blog, TheBizzyCouponBee, has been a great help as I navigate the day to day life of a family of thirteen.  I hope to find time to share our adventures in couponing, cooking, and all things "#TeamConway" via a blog.  It will highlight shopping, couponing, and organizational tips for large families. 

Let me be very clear, I now have no experience as the "Old Lady in a Shoe...".  So, any tips you can give me will be greatly appreciated.   

On to couponing...Here's a great source of information I saw first on my local news yesterday.  If you live in metro Wash/MD/VA area, I leave you with this shopping tip Supermarkets - How Stores Compare for Price.​  This link compares some of the area's supermarkets to see which ones save its customers the most money.  My favorite store (ShopRite) was very competitive with other stores even without coupons. ​Here's the link to this week's two coupon inserts:  RedPlum 11/15  &  Get ready for Black Friday by checking out

Need a source of quality meat at a great price?  Buy a turkey or two; cook it; cut it up and separate into dark and light meat; freeze it OR buy the bird frozen and use later in the year.  Use for soups and stews.  Google "turkey recipes" and get ready for some creative ways to use that big ol' bird.  Turkey this time of year can bottom out at below 50¢/lb.  Time to "gobble" up those savings :o)

Finally, if you need help with your couponing, please do not hesitate to either call me (301.210.5091) or send me an email.

Happy Couponing!
ShaRon :o)