Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Coupon Previews Week of March 19-25

Hey, Y'all!

I hope everyone is enjoying the snow, ice, and sleet as the Winter of 2017 fades into Spring.  Just about 90 days from now, we will be sipping lemonade by the pool or in my case, the fish pond.  At any rate, being snowed in with my sweetheart now takes on an entirely different flavor when we add ten extra people. 

I did take time today to begin decluttering my office space yet again.  I can see the top of my desk for the first time in weeks.  Every time I clean my desk and office, I swear that I will never let it get this bad again.  I'm really keeping that promise this time...

This week we have two coupon inserts (RedPlum and SmartSource) packed with great coupons, if you are looking to buy toiletries, vitamins, and a couple of snack items.  Check the list of coupons expected and decide whether you want to invest in extra papers this week. Link to Sunday Coupon Preview

​Here's the coupon inserts expected next month:
(Check  Sunday Coupon Preview for the entire schedule for the remainder of the year)

2 — RedPlum, SmartSource

9 — (2) RedPlum & SmartSource

16 — No Inserts (Easter)

23 — RedPlum & SmartSource

30 — (2) RedPlum & (2) SmartSource & P&G

​Here's a link to a coupon facebook group I joined a few months back.  The founder of the group Coupon Central is located in the suburbs of Washington, DC.  It is a closed group and you will need to get permission to join.  It is a very popular coupon group and it may take a week or two before you are granted access to the posts.  The wait is worth it.  Lots of deals you won't find elsewhere but are local, if you live near DC.  ​

​I had a life changing event Friday.  I went to my local Shoppers on Contee RD in Laurel, MD.  We were having tacos and I needed to get some tortillas, salsa and hot sauce.  I had a 55¢/1 coupon for Texas Pete hot sauce.  (My grandkids love it!!)  Well, went through the self checkout lane and as with many stores now, the associate had to scan the coupon for me.  I noticed that it did not double as expected.  So, I brought this to the associate's attention.  After checking with the mgr, she told me that this particular Shopper's no longer doubles coupons but the one near Ft. Meade still does.

My heart sank and I started to feel faint as I felt the earth tremble beneath me.  I thought the end of the couponing universe must be near.  So, this Shoppers  supermarket has joined the no doubling ranks of WalMart, Food Lion, Dollar Stores, pharmacies, and many others in our area.  In my area, only ShopRite (doubles $1 coupons); Giant, Safeway, Harris Teeter, and Weis still double coupons, for now.  I am not sure about Wegmans.  I have never couponed at Wegmans.

Let us enjoy the bounty of the coupon deals while we can.  I foresee a time when the real shoppers will have learned to shop the real sales with or without coupons.

Finally, like everyone else, I braved the cold to stock up before the great storm.  I gathered up my 8 year old granddaughter and we headed out.  We headed straight for 7-11 and bought two Slurpees.  It felt so good to know that my four freezers and basement pantry were well stocked and I only needed to buy a couple of ice cold Slurpees.  They were great!  We had brain-freeze all the way home.  We did a pinky swear to wait until we were sweating before we buy any more Slurpees.

Happy Couponing!

ShaRon :o
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