Friday, October 2, 2015

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Event!

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Hey, Y'all!

I didn't see this coming at all.  Harris Teeter is having an abbreviated Super Doubles event.  It starts Sunday and ends on Tuesday...ONLY 3 days to take advantage of these super coupon deals.  So, go to your favorite coupon database and find all those $2 coupons.  All your $2 coupons will double up to $4!!!  Here's a link to my favorite coupon database: Hot Coupon World

I love this because I have two days to hunt for those high $ coupons.  But, don't just get the $2 coupons.  Any coupon with a face value of $2 or less will double.  So, 25¢ double to 50¢, 75¢ double to $1.50, $1.25 double to $2.50, $1.50 double to $3, etc. up to $2 that will double to $4.

Get out your inserts, printables, and magazines.  Get all those $1+ coupons and head over to Harris Teeter.  No minimum purchase is required but you are limited to only 20 coupons per household per day.  Pick your favorite 60 coupons and go all three days. 

Here are the links to some great printable websites: (The coupons just reloaded cause its the first of the month)
Here are the links to the coupons expected this weekend in the Sunday newspaper inserts:
Follow this tips for some great deals:
  • Don't go shopping while hungry...EAT FIRST!
  • Only buy what you will eat or use.
  • Only buy items that are on sale for at least 30% or more discount.
  • Take your calculator, marker, and printed ad
  • Read your coupon carefully (including the fine print)
  • Get rain checks for any advertised item that was sold out (HTeeter rain checks do not expire)
  • Go to HTeeter's website and (login first and then) download the eVic digital coupons to your card.
  • Finally, if you do not have a Harris Teeter eVic loyalty card, get one BEFORE you shop.

Happy Super Couponing!​