Store Coupon Policies

Grocery and Drug Store Coupon Policies & "If's"
Never argue with a sales associate over a coupon!  If you have studied the store's coupon policy BEFORE going to the register, you will reduce the chance that you will make an error in your coupon match ups.  However, it is very likely that the majority of store cashiers (and many manager's)know much less about their store's coupon acceptance policy than you do. 

If you are unable to "gently" persuade the cashier to accept your word on the validity of your coupon deals, show them the store's coupon policy.  If that does not work, gently ask for the manager.  If all else fails, apologize for the inconvenience, return the items to the shelves, and leave. 

Once you get home, send either a letter via snail mail or email the corporate office and ask for written clarification.  Then, send a copy of the response to the stores in your area.  Remember, the final word in any store rests with the manager. 

Yes, the customer is supposed to always be right but the final word on the store's policy is subject to the store manager's interpretation.  Many corporate offices are allowing stores to make exceptions to the corporate policy based on the local "couponing climate".  ONE nasty, obnoxious, greedy couponer can screw it up for every other couponer who shops at the same store or pharmacy.  Don't be her/him.

Store Coupon Policies
Magruder’s - no printed coupon policy; dbl coupons w/face value up to 50 cent; no loyalty cards issued