Internet Drug Coupons

Internet Drug Coupons

I was looking for printable Lubriderm lotion coupons and stumbled upon a site for "Internet Drug Coupons".  I never refer my Bizzy Coupons Bees to a website that I have not checked out first.  I did check out this website and let me tell you that it is a wonderful find!

The website has hundreds of links to prescription and over-the-counter drug companies that are offering printable coupons and free samples of their products.  The free samples of prescription drugs require a prescription from your doctor but the free drugs have no copay.  I had never heard of this website and I doubt that many other couponers have ever heard of it either.

Be sure to bookmark the website.  Just in case the website ceases to exist, copy the links and paste them in a word document or email them to yourself.  (Highlight the links and then paste them in your document.)  When you copy and paste the links to the drug companies, the links will be pasted in your document and all you will need to do is click it.  

Here's the link: Internet Drugs  or type in this internet address:

This link is an alphabetized list that will take you to the coupon for each drug:

Note: some of the prescription drug coupons do not work with medicare, medicaid, or government insurance programs.  Read the coupon carefully and check with your pharmacy to be sure.