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A few of you stay-at-home moms & dads have children who have graduated from high school and all the way  down to little ones in diapers.  There's something in these links below for each of you wherever you are in your stay-at-home journey. 

If you have family and friends who are not stay at home moms or dads, talk to them and help them understand that the time they give to their families will never be a time they will regret.  My family has embraced staying at home with their children.  My daughter-in-law, son-in-law, and two nieces have devoted their lives to their little ones early pre-school years.  They and you will never regret that decision. 

Please, share these links with others in your circle of family and friends who have expressed an interest in being a stay-at-home parent:

  • Meal Planning for Homeschoolers - It can get hectic planning your meals with children underfoot all day.  Check out some of these ideas for meal preparation and planning.
  • Dollar Tree - Teaching Supplies 
  • Homeschool and Stay-at-home Parent Links - This link has 10 pages of links to other homeschooling parents and couponers.  If you have found the secret to organizing your life around your family, why not write a blog about it.  It can be very lucrative.  If you have a facebook and/or twitter account, you are halfway there.  Just start jotting down your motherly/fatherly ramblings and ideas about parenting, school ideas, educating your children and then watch your blog take off. Other parents love hearing about the lives of other mothers & fathers who are able to survive the day to day pitfalls of stay-at-home parenting.  The more children you have, the more others will relate to you and want to hear about it.
  • Oriental Trading Company - Teaching Supplies
  • Dollar Tree Teaching Supplies
  • Sam's Club Educational Books for Children  (You do not have to be a member of Sam's Club/shipping charges may apply)
If you are a member of Sam's Club, check out their children's books section.  They have some wonderful educational books for prek thru 7/8.  I do not know if they will special order a book for you.  It wouldn't hurt to ask. 

LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of Homeschool Ideas

Meal Planning - These are AWESOME meal planning sites.