Friday, May 20, 2016

Fun for Kids and Couponing, too!

Hey, Y'all!

Three inserts this weekend: 
Cheap and Free Summer Fun for Kids:  Y'all know that I am all over this for my 10 grandkids who are living with my husband and me.  We found lots of free stuff in Baltimore and DC but the fare for 13 people on the metro is just about $121 (off peak) roundtrip and that does not include parking. 

So, for us, free means we can load up our van and drive to our "free" entertainment or other fun happenings.

Here's some links to great free and cheap summer fun:
​If you live near an Aldi, 1 gallon of milk is just $1.99.  We are down to our last two gallons.  I will get a dozen gallons or so and freeze them.  Just remember to pour about 8 oz out of the bottle to allow for expansion when it freezes.  Also, it takes about three to four days for the milk to defrost in your refrigerator.  Shake well once it is completely defrosted. 

Eggs at Aldi are just 89¢/dz this weekend only (Fri & Sat).  Eggs at ShopRite are $2.09 for 2 1/2 dz (30 eggs).

​Happy Couponing!​