Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Coupon Preview for April 12th

Two coupon inserts this week loaded with over $200 in coupons!  This week will make a great week to go couponing til you drop.  Combine your coupons with great sales and senior discounts for some great deals and freebies. 

Coupon Preview for April 12th

Here are a couple of new coupon sites.  The SaveInStore coupons printed each  coupon four times for me:
Don't forget these sites that have reset their coupons and added new ones:
Don't forget to scan your WalMart receipts on your smartphone Walmart Savings Catcher app.  

Finally, there's still more 1¢ per ream copy paper at after rebate.

Oh, do some spring coupon cleaning and pull out all those expired coupons from your binder, coupon wallet, or file box.

​Happy Couponing!​
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