Sunday, January 21, 2018

Staples Rewards

Hey, Y'all!
Did you know that Staples issue rewards$$ just like CVS.  Well, they do.  All you need to do is register on as a rewards member.  About a month ago, I received a $10 coupon and I used it to buy two large packs of post-it notepads that were on sale. 

Today, I receive another rewards$$ coupon for $5.  Loving this!
So, I checked the link and found out what specials I can get with my $5 rewards coupon.  Starting today, you can get 5 reams of multipurpose (copier) paper for $1!!!  Yes, that is after rebate and you do have to pay the taxes on the full price.  The rebate is easy to do online or via the mail.
There you have it.  I am going tomorrow to buy 1 case of paper (5 total reams) for $1 + tax.  It will be a hunk of money out of pocket (I will have to pay full price+ tax) but I will be sure to process my rebate form.  In about 2-3 weeks, I will get a Visa debit card with my rebate value added.  I can use that card anywhere that accepts Visa.  BUT WAIT!!!!

I just received my last rebate Visa debit card from Staples for $13.99.  So, I can combine my $5 coupon with the $13.99 to pay for that 5-ream case.  Then submit that receipt for the rebate; get the rebate; use it for more red lipstick (V'Day is coming in FEB) or save to use for more free Staples stuff next month.  

I am stockpiling copy paper for the kids to use for their projects and to take to college.  The can even "sell" the copy paper to make a little spending money while in college. Just planning ahead.

ShaRon :o)
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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Hello, Friends and Visitors

I am no longer publishing to this blog.  I have exceeded the space allotted for what I paid.  I really don't want to delete any information so I have decided just to send out coupon info to my subscribers via email.  I hope to begin another website or blog by year's end.  The tabs are still live and most of the links are current & up to date. So, you can still get lots of information from them.

If you would like to start receiving my weekly blogs, emails, and videos send an email request to:

Happy Couponing!

Sunday, August 27, 2017


Back-to-School Sales are happening now!  I have lucked up on several really great deal sites:

1.) The Back-to-School Sales Database:  Click this link <> Then scroll to the bottom part of the page to access the database.  Just type in the item and you will see the current prices for that item and the stores where it is available and even the end date for the sale.

2.) Next, click the "School Supply Price List" to down the list to be sure you know when to grab those must have school supplies at the lowest price even without a coupon.

3.)If you still need clothes for your little ones, why not head over to your nearest consignment or thrift store.  You may have friends with little ones around the age or a little older who would love to see their outgrown clothes go to someone they know can use them.  Heck, elementary school age kids will not have the faintest ideas that they are the recipients of someone else's gently worn jeans or tee shirts.  

4.)Don't just buy enough for the first month or so when hitting a great sale.  Always buy enough for the whole school year!  Why not?  When you can get supplies for the lowest prices now, why wait until you run out and have to buy more when items are no longer on sale.  We will not see another back-to-school sale like this until the summer of 2018.

5.) Back to school coupons at and Office Depot.

6.) Hate driving from store to store to take advantage of all those great sales.  Take the sales inserts from this week's papers with you to WalMart.  They price match all store "advertised" sales.  Shop the items at WalMart and show the advertisement for lower prices at check out before the clerk rings them up.  AND, you can still use your coupons if you have them.
7.) One last deal..."SUPER DOUBLES BEGIN TODAY" at Harris Teeter$2, $1, 75¢, 50¢, & 25¢ coupons all double until end of business Tuesday night!

8.) The Sunday "Parade" magazine has a 20% off/1 Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupon inside.  Save all those expired BB&B coupons because they accept all of their own expired coupons.

9.) If you are into canning, ALDI is having a great sale til Wednesday on canning supplies. 

10.) Just 8 more days until the first day of school!  The youngest Conway will be off to kindergarten and he is so excited! 

That's all for now!

Happy Couponing!

ShaRon :o)
John 21:18

Friday, August 18, 2017

End of Summer...

Hey, Y'all!

It is so hard to believe that it is almost September when it seems like I just stopped wishing y'all "Happy New Year!"  I am at that age when you stop wishing away "time": "I can't wait til..." or "I sure will be glad when..."  But, let me say this just one time, "I will be so glad when school starts and all these kids are off to school till next June!"  There...I said it, I'm done!

I have been catching back-to-school sales when I can.  I have been shopping since early July.  This week, I went to Arundel Mills Outlet Mall with my grandkids.  I took one on Monday and three yesterday afternoon. I was only shopping for shoes and nothing else.  Well, it took nearly two hours to get done with that trip.  We were all ready to leave.  My nine-year-old granddaughter said it best when she said, "Just grab a pair of shoes, throw them in a box, and let's get out of here!"  

The afternoon was not entirely a loss.  Yesterday, I bought each of the three kids 2 pairs of Converse for $79.90! Yes, that's six pairs for less than $80!!!  And, since this is tax-free week here in Maryland, I paid no sales tax on the shoes.  Grandchild number four's shoes purchased Monday brought the total to about $110.  I even bought myself a pair for $10.  I love Converse.  

I did not bring the older kids because they are all into some other name brand that will cost nearly twice what I paid for 8 pairs.  I will let their Dad take care of the older four.  The oldest two of the ten had summer jobs and can buy their own stuff.

Just have to get a few more things to complete their school supplies and then on to clothes.  New underwear, socks, and tee shirts.  Jeans will come from my favorite thrift stores.  Thankfully, the older kids wear uniforms.  We have three of the eight (at home) in uniforms.  The younger kids do not seem to be as fashion forward as their older siblings.  I am sure that will change in the coming years.

Staples and Office Depot have some awesome Back-to-School deals.  Check the ads for this week and the ones that will appear in Sunday's paper.  Also, don't forget to go to  for some deals that beat the ads.  

Back-to-School Deal Tips:  
Always buy for the entire year when everything is on sale and you can get it for free or almost free.

Buy your school supplies in bulk via, and your big box stores, too.
Check out & for some unadvertised deals and coupons for bigger savings.
Meal Planner - If you have more than one other person in your household, you should really consider planning your meals in advance.  My life is so much easier when I have planned out my menus for as little as a week.  I tried doing it for a month in advance.  It worked somewhat but too many things kept popping up that messed up my menu plans:  concerts, back-to-school night, games, late appointments, etc.  When I knew about them in advance, I could plan my menu around them.  But, the best-laid plans...

I have attached a template of a menu planner. It is in Word so that you can change it to suit your needs. I also included my family's meal planner to this email. My family's menu planner is several pages because I have completed templates thru 2017. Last year, my menu planner was a black and white composition notebook.  I hope this new method will keep me better organized because I am on my computer more often than looking through that notebook and planning meals.   

Here's a website I shared a few weeks ago with you all.  Click this link <>to access 1,600+ printable coupons.  I have been printing coupons from this website for several months and have not had a problem using them when I shop. If you register and tell them what coupons you want, you will get an email when those coupons become available.  Here's the blurb from their website:

1,692 Free Printable Grocery Coupons: Search 400+ Sites at Once

LOZO searches 100's of websites & apps to find grocery coupons for your favorite brands. You save, LOZO does the work!.

Select coupons below: we'll give you links to the sites that offer them, PLUS we'll email you when we find more ... learn more

 Here are some direct links to the printable coupons:

Finally, I like this calculator. LOZO's Grocery Unit Price Comparison Calculator It will tell you which size is the better bargain when you use a coupon.  Bookmark the link on your smartphone and refer to it while shopping


 Happy Couponing!  
Only 17 days till school starts!  YAAAAY!

ShaRon :o)
John 21:18

Thursday, July 20, 2017

All Detergent & Right Guard Xtreme

Hey, Y'all!

I have been slacking this week on shopping.  All of my grandkids are away with their mother for a three-week visit.  The quiet is deafening!  My house is clean.  The freezers filled with frozen treats are unlocked.  The pantry is unlocked and I can find whatever I lay down still waiting for me to pick it up later.  My washing machine only ran once this week and the dishwasher thinks we don't love it anymore.  But, I have been busy none the less.  I have been busy sitting down with my feet propped up on my lazy boy recliner and watching tv.  I have been busy napping every afternoon.  And, I have been busy watching Korean cooking videos on YouTube.  I have been very busy enjoying my "unbusy-ness".

We are even taking a short vacation for the first time in nearly two years.  We are traveling to Trenton, Maine to buy me all the lobsters I can stomach.  My husband and I went to Trenton about 4 years ago and I ate lobsters for three or four days straight before venturing somewhere else for something other than lobster.  That was Hamp's idea.  He doesn't really care about lobster. 

We are now about halfway through summer vacation for the kids.  Whoever invented summer vacation and then had the nerve to extend it until after Labor Day doesn't have any children and certainly not ten!  So, I will be finding lots of ways to entertain my grandkids every day so that all their pent up energy does not tear down my house.  Omega will start school this fall and he is so excited.  But, he is not as excited as Hamp and I are because that means that we will be home alone during the day.  Yes, we are so excited!

This week we will receive two inserts: Smart Source 7/23  and  RedPlum 7/23

Here are two coupons that I got from LOZO.COM.  Let me know if they do not print for you. 
I copied the link from my browser just before they printed.  I think it will work.
50¢/1 All Detergent & $4.99 off 2 Right Guard Xtreme -,56278
The Right Guard is also a digital coupon on the ShopRite website for $4.99 off when you buy two.  The sale price is $3.49.  That means the deodorant will be $1 + tax.  I have never used a printed coupon for $4.99 off.  I hope they take it.  I will let you know.  ALL detergent goes on sale Friday at ShopRite for $1.99.  That will make the ALL only 99¢ each!

I will be stocking up on deodorant over the next few weeks.  I have a lot of armpits in my house and after a day at summer camp, the little kids are starting to smell like football players.  Last month, I stocked up on soap and tooth brushes.  I have over 100 bars of soap and 150 toothbrushes.  After the deodorant, I will need stock up on toothpaste.  We are down to our last dozen or so tubes of toothpaste. 

New Coupon Website to share:​

LOZO.COM is my newest favorite printable coupon site.  I have been using it for several months just to be sure it was all it claimed to be.  This website actually checks all the "legitimate" printable coupon sites (about 400) and presents the coupons to you to choose which ones you want.  The only thing is, it does have a slight learning curve to use it.  So, try it out by selecting coupons for products you don't really want first just to be sure you understand how to select and print what you really want.  Nearly 1600 coupons just waiting for you to clip them. Some coupons will require you to sign up on the brand's website and a few will require you to verify that you are a "whatever" by allowing them to send a verification code to your phone. You would then enter those numbers to print the coupon(s).  Most coupons are available by simply selecting and printing. 

Below, you will see a screen shot of the website for LOZO.COM.

Happy Couponing!
ShaRon :o)
John 21:18

Monday, July 3, 2017

Two must see sites for couponers...

Hey, Y'all!

I have really fallen behind in my video blogging and my website blog, as well.  My big family keeps me jumpin'!  Never the less, I do get a chance in the wee hours of the morning to relax over some great coupon sites.  Just wanted to share a couple with you while I have a moment.

First, you must join Coupon Central's facebook page.  I really do not have a facebook presence but I have a few sites that I follow for access to deals and coupons in real time.  I used my grandma's info to join facebook.  

One of my favorite facebk sites is Coupon Central (MD. <>  Although the group is based in the MD/DC/VA area, most of the deals are found in many well-known stores (CVS, Safeway, Giant, Target, RiteAid, Walgreens, WalMart, etc.)  It is a closed group but you just have to click to get in.  They have thousands of requests so joining takes a few days to get an acknowledgment. The wait is well worth it.

Next, the HotCouponWorldDatabase is my go-to site for all things coupons (find them, print them, or clip them).  Here's my tip for maximizing the use of the site. 
  1. Click this link: HotCouponWorldDatabase
  2. Go to "Source" and click it.  Select "Insert and Printable". 
  3. Then go to "Display" and select "100". 
  4. You will be able to see 100 printable coupons and at the end of that list, you will see the coupons found in inserts.
Coupon inserts for next week July 9th: (Your actual coupons may vary.)

I did a coupon class in Washington, DC last week for a friend of mine. 
She lives in a beautiful apartment that is low income for seniors.  It is brand new and she loves it.
The class was a success and I think I really helped them learn how to shop and save whether or not they have coupons in hand.
I hope to do a few more classes later this summer and into the early fall.  Stay tuned for more information.

Finally, it took me two whole days but I finally cleaned my office. 
I was so embarrassed that I did not take a before photo. 
But, I have a few from when I cleaned my office last fall. 
I included those pics below.  Don't judge me.  I have lots of people to take care of :o)

My grandkids love to hang out in my office when it is clutter free.  Clutter is soooo stressful. 
I love being in my office!  Next, my bedroom.

Take care and enjoy the rest of this 4th of July holiday!
Happy Couponing!!!
ShaRon :o)
John 21:18

These are the before photos. 
This cluttered mess was so stressful that it gave me a headache to even look at it.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Coupon Preview Week of 5/28

Hey, Y'all!

Not much coupon clipping in this Memorial Day weekend's newspapers.  Only P&G inserts are expected.  Click this link for the 5/28 Coupon Preview. You can also go to PGEveryday for more coupons to clip & save.  You will only be allowed to print one (rarely two) coupons.  Be sure to scroll down the page on their website to find the other P&G product lines. 

Each logo will take you to that product's coupon page.  You must register to access P&G coupons but registration is free.

Here's another of my favorite links for printable coupons: New to Couponing?  Scroll down the page until you see this information on their website:
 My friends and family often tease me because I rarely text and almost never reply to one.  First, texting takes too long to enter a thought.  By the time I have typed in the first couple of words, I have forgotten what I wanted to say.  Second, replying to a text means that I have to sit and look at the screen until someone replies to what I just sent.  My children tell me that it is quicker for them to send me a letter via the post office than communicate via a text. 

On the other hand, I am thankful for technology.  It has rescued me from some mistakes that were a disaster in the making.  I have researched many pages, blogs, vlogs, youtube videos,  facebook pages, pinterest, and twitter sites to find ideas for living with my big family.  I follow several families online that have 8+ children in their family, too.  Some have large houses and some quite small.  I love seeing the clutter in other people's homes. It keeps me mindful that I will never have my "tidy & quiet bed and breakfast" lifestyle again until my last grandchild has moved out.  That will not be until 2029!!!  So, until then, I will learn to be content to step over the socks, pants, notebooks, and crayons and not be upset that my entire house looks like a laundry room or my kitchen floor looks like they just had a food fight.  I have the family I never dared dream of having.  I enjoy waking up to the chatter and pitter-patter of big and little feet. I thank God for every one of my 11 grandchildren who will carry Poppi and MiMi's love into the next generation.

I went shopping with my 7-year-old grandson this week (Tuesday).  I was at my local ShopRite and taking advantage of their 5% discount for seniors held each Tuesday.  Anyway, the store was full of old folks like me.  One lady said to us, as she slowly passed by, "I wish I had a helper".  A day or two later, the same grandson said to me, "MiMi, remember that lady who said she wished she had a helper?"  I said, "Yes, I remember."  He replied, "That was so sad."  He was right.  That was so very sad.  Next week, take Grandma or Granddad or some favorite senior to the supermarket.  I am so very blessed to have a house filled with 10 pairs of helping hands.  Thank you, Lord!

Thank you for letting me ramble on about "My Big Family Life".  

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!  Now, you can officially wear white. :o)

ShaRon :o
John 21:18