Sunday, March 15, 2015

Staples 1¢ Paper is Here again!

Good Sunday Morning!
I know you all are on your way to your church, temple, mosque, or synagogue :o)  So, I will make this short...
Staples has paper on sale (with rebate, of course) for 1¢ for a ream of paper and $1 for a case of 5 reams (after rebate).

All my teachers and home schoolers need to jump on this deal.  These deals will not appear in your Sunday Staples insert.  Just click this link and head on over to Staples after your worship experience. 

AND, I put a new tab on my blog for "Virtual Coupon Classes".  That is how I started learning the ins and outs of couponing.  Check it out!  The Bizzy Coupon Bee Blog

Happy Couponing,

Living the rest of my life in perpetual vacation mode...six Saturdays and one Sunday a week!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Allergy Sufferers!!!

If you are like most people with an allergy, you hate the winter but dread the warm weather that brings pollen and other allergens to you windows and doors.  Believe it or not, the time to start taking your allergy meds is now and not in the middle of a high pollen alert.

I use Claritin for my allergy but Zyrtec is just as good for most people.  There are two $10 off 1 coupons in this week's inserts.  The $10 Claritin coupon is in the 3/1 SmartSource and the $10 Zyrtec coupon is in the 3/1 RedPlum.  Both expire Sunday, March 8th!!! 

You have to get the 70 count bottle of Claritin or Zyrtec.  There are also several smaller coupon amounts for less pills.  Check here: and type in your choice (Claritin or Zyrtec). 

You should try to pair this coupon with the cheapest price.  I suggest that you check WalMart.  If you buy it at WalMart and then send your receipt to WalMart's Savings Catcher (on your computer or smart phone), you will get a rebate, if there is a sale price for it in another store. 

Price Catcher is really fun!  I buy whatever I need at WalMart and then take a photo of my receipt (before I lose it) and then after a day or so, I get the difference (if it's on sale somewhere else) in my account.  So far, I have over $8 in my Savings Catcher account.

Don't let that high dollar coupon expire before you use it.

Happy Couponing!

ShaRon :o)

Living the rest of my life in perpetual vacation mode...six Saturdays and one Sunday a week!

Penny Paper!

Okay, this if for all my Bizzy Couponing Teachers.  Nearly every single week, Staples has paper on sale for 1¢ per ream (limit 4 reams).  This week is no exception. 

The great thing about this deal is that you can repeat this deal once a week until you get tired of lugging all that penny paper into your classroom.  The only downside is that you have to do the online rebate to get the money you paid out of pocket.  AND, you will not be reimbursed for the taxes.  So, it is really like getting the paper for 30¢ per ream and not 1¢.

I have stopped buying the paper because I have no where else to store it.  At last count, I had 55 reams of paper and I don't have a classroom anymore.  BUT, I do print coupons.  This deal makes my coupon printing nearly free!

Oh, and there is also a coupon for $9.99 for a case of 10 reams of paper.  But why pay $9.99 for something you can get for 10¢ (+tax) ???

Happy Couponing!
ShaRon :o)

Living the rest of my life in perpetual vacation mode...six Saturdays and one Sunday a week!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

March Coupons are Coming!

​Hey, Y'all

This week's paper should be packed full of coupons.  Four inserts are expected this coming Sunday.  ​

​Coupon Insert Schedule​

​​2​Redplum, 1 Smartsource, 1 P&G
3/​0​8/2015: 1 Redplum, 1 Smartsource
3/15/2015: 1 Redplum, 1 Smartsource
3/22/2015: 1 Redplum, 1 Smartsource
3/29/2015: 1 Redplum, 2 SMartSource, 1 P&G

​Don't forget to go to your favorite coupon websites and download the coupons before they change at the end of the month. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

​Don't forget to print store coupons, too.  You can "stack" them with manufacturers during a store sale for great deals.​
​ Here are a couple of stores that have their own coupons and allow you to stack them with manufacturers' coupons that you get from inserts or clip from coupon websites.

Target Coupons (All of the 73 coupons featured are Target coupons.)
Family Dollar (The 8 Family Dollar coupons are mixed in among the manufacturers' coupons)
Dollar General (The 4 Dollar General coupons are mixed in among the manufacturers' coupons.)

Finally, sign up or sign in on your favorite grocery store's website.  Download their digital coupons to your loyalty store card.  Most stores will allow you to use a paper coupon with the digital coupon.  Digital coupons are single use.  Once you use them, they are no longer available.

That's it!
Happy Couponing,
ShaRon :o)

Monday, February 2, 2015

New Month...New Coupons!

I love it when the new month begins.  Out with the old and in with the new coupons.  Each month, several of the most popular coupon sites completely reload their coupons.  Not only that, they also clear your two limit max for the coupons you downloaded the month before. There are two ways to take advantage of this. 

First, download all the coupons you think you may want before the end of the month.  Check your favorite sites and download the coupons as close to the end of the month as you can.  Some sites load on the first day of the month and others load new coupons during the final week or days of the month.  Second, be sure to load up on your favorite coupons as early in the month as possible before they are snatched up or reach their download limit.  If you subscribe to your favorite coupon website, you will get an email when they load new coupons during the month.

Lately, I have noticed that some high dollar coupons are being issued with very limited times allowed for redemption.  For example, there is a $10 coupon for Claritin in this week's circular but it expires after only 7 days!  I plan to jump on this one and stock up for the upcoming spring allergy season.  I recently downloaded some Purex coupons that expired three days after I downloaded them.  Rather than let them go to waste, I gave them to a lady in the check out line.  She thanked me profusely.  It felt good being a coupon fairy.

Don't forget the manufacturer's coupons that are offered on their website, Facebk, and Twitter sites.  Send them an email and just ask for a coupon or two.  Be sure to let them know why you like their product(s) and you may get even more. 

Here are a few of the coupon sites that I check on a regular basis for printable coupons at the beginning and end of each month and all the weeks in between:

​Don't forget your favorite supermarket coupons, too.  Download digital coupons from the grocery store's website.​
​  These coupons can be stacked with manufacturer coupons that you download or clip from the inserts for even greater savings.

Finally, here's the bottom line tip to score great deals that will save you at least 50% or more on each item on your shopping list:
Wait for a sale that reduces the "regular" price by at least 30% then use a store coupon and/or a manufacturer's coupon.  If that lowers the total out of pocket by 50% or more, you have made a great deal.  That may be a great time to stock up.

That's it!
Happy Couponing!
ShaRon, The Bizzy Coupon Bee

ShaRon :o)

Living the rest of my life in perpetual vacation mode...six Saturdays and one Sunday a week!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!
The first weekend of the year always has a ton of inserts.  This coming weekend is no exception.  I always feel like it is my birthday when I get my paper and it is loaded with coupon inserts.  You can expect at least four (4) inserts this weekend.  Lots of great coupons to pair with some great winter sales.
You should also receive your winter CVS Extra Bucks Rewards the next time you shop at CVS or sign in online and print the coupon.  I got mine yesterday and was pleasantly surprised.  It was $6.50.  Not really that much but when you use coupons and get most of your stuff for next to nothing, you should not expect a big reward. 

Tide Liquid 19-32 Loads.
Add caption
For example, I went shopping yesterday at CVS and my total before scanning my card was $54.51.  I bought 5 bottles of the 32 load TIDE liquid detergent and two bottles of DAWN 9 oz size.  They were part of the spend $30 on P&G products and get $10 Extra Bucks Reward

I had $25 in Extra Bucks ($10 I got from a survey; $10 from a previous ECBucks Reward purchase; and $5 from Extra Care rewards for 10 prescriptions).  In addition, I had $11 in manufacturers' coupons (five $2 TIDE coupons and one $1 DAWN coupon) for a total of $31 in coupons.  After scanning my card, I got the sale price for the TIDE ($5.94 each) and 99¢ each for the DAWN.  Bottom line, I paid $1.56 (tax only) for all the items AND I received a $10 coupon AND my $6.50 winter ExtraBucks Reward for a total of $16.50 that I can spend on my next purchase at CVS.
I will receive not a single penny towards my next quarter rewards.  If I am lucky, I will get not a dime in rewards next quarter.  Oh, well... :o)
Here are the inserts for this weekend (click the links to see the coupons): 

Happy Couponing in 2015!

ShaRon :o)

Living the rest of my life in perpetual vacation mode...six Saturdays and one Sunday a week!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

1¢ Ream of Paper at Staples + More!

Hey, Everyone!

I have been busy getting my parents settled in their new apartment.  They are nearly 90 years old and moving into their first apartment.  My couponing has made it possible for me to stock their closet and bathrooms with FREE shampoo, conditioner, bayer asprin, lotion, toothpaste, mouthwash, paper towels, bar soap, dish detergent, copier paper, and nearly free coffee creamer and coffee.  Fortunately, they will not be doing any of their own cooking and needed nothing from my grocery stockpile :o)  They will be eating in a grand dining room, cruise ship style. 

I hope to get back to a normal life of couponing next week.  In the meantime, here are a couple of great deals for us all:
Displaying 20141206_230336.jpg

Look closely at the photos and you will see the notice that ShopRite will continue doubling coupons with a face value of up to $1 (doubles to $2!!)


Next, you can still buy 4 reams of Staples copier paper for 1¢ per ream each week!  I have 55 reams of paper. I have eliminated the cost of paper from couponing. 


I use about 1 ream per 6-8 weeks for couponing.  So, my printing costs for paper are less than 1¢ per 1,500 printable coupons.


Print the coupon or bring up the coupon on your smartphone.  I plan to coupon for another 10 to 15 years.  That will take lots of paper!  Go to the link below and get your four reams of 1¢ copier paper.

The tiny price is after mail-in rebate.  I always do mine online as suggested on the recept.  OOP cost per ream $2.81 (lmit 4 per week).

Two coupon inserts coming: (click the links) RED PLUM  and SMARTSOURCE

Don't forget to print these obscure but valuable coupons: 

SmartSource (92+ coupons)    RedPlum (100+ coupons)  

PG Everyday (53 coupons)  Master List of Qs

Make sure you have registered your supermarket shopping card on that stores website and then download the eCoupons waiting for you to add them to your card.  Each eCoupon can only be used once at most stores.

Finally, ask your dentist, doctor, dietician, or gym manager if they have any coupons.  They will have coupons that have a higher face value and may not be available on any website.



Living the rest of my life in perpetual vacation mode...six Saturdays and one Sunday a week!