Saturday, May 27, 2017

Coupon Preview Week of 5/28

Hey, Y'all!

Not much coupon clipping in this Memorial Day weekend's newspapers.  Only P&G inserts are expected.  Click this link for the 5/28 Coupon Preview. You can also go to PGEveryday for more coupons to clip & save.  You will only be allowed to print one (rarely two) coupons.  Be sure to scroll down the page on their website to find the other P&G product lines. 

Each logo will take you to that product's coupon page.  You must register to access P&G coupons but registration is free.

Here's another of my favorite links for printable coupons: New to Couponing?  Scroll down the page until you see this information on their website:
 My friends and family often tease me because I rarely text and almost never reply to one.  First, texting takes too long to enter a thought.  By the time I have typed in the first couple of words, I have forgotten what I wanted to say.  Second, replying to a text means that I have to sit and look at the screen until someone replies to what I just sent.  My children tell me that it is quicker for them to send me a letter via the post office than communicate via a text. 

On the other hand, I am thankful for technology.  It has rescued me from some mistakes that were a disaster in the making.  I have researched many pages, blogs, vlogs, youtube videos,  facebook pages, pinterest, and twitter sites to find ideas for living with my big family.  I follow several families online that have 8+ children in their family, too.  Some have large houses and some quite small.  I love seeing the clutter in other people's homes. It keeps me mindful that I will never have my "tidy & quiet bed and breakfast" lifestyle again until my last grandchild has moved out.  That will not be until 2029!!!  So, until then, I will learn to be content to step over the socks, pants, notebooks, and crayons and not be upset that my entire house looks like a laundry room or my kitchen floor looks like they just had a food fight.  I have the family I never dared dream of having.  I enjoy waking up to the chatter and pitter-patter of big and little feet. I thank God for every one of my 11 grandchildren who will carry Poppi and MiMi's love into the next generation.

I went shopping with my 7-year-old grandson this week (Tuesday).  I was at my local ShopRite and taking advantage of their 5% discount for seniors held each Tuesday.  Anyway, the store was full of old folks like me.  One lady said to us, as she slowly passed by, "I wish I had a helper".  A day or two later, the same grandson said to me, "MiMi, remember that lady who said she wished she had a helper?"  I said, "Yes, I remember."  He replied, "That was so sad."  He was right.  That was so very sad.  Next week, take Grandma or Granddad or some favorite senior to the supermarket.  I am so very blessed to have a house filled with 10 pairs of helping hands.  Thank you, Lord!

Thank you for letting me ramble on about "My Big Family Life".  

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!  Now, you can officially wear white. :o)

ShaRon :o
John 21:18

Friday, May 19, 2017

Coupon Preview for Week of May 14th

Good Evening, Everyone!

I am so happy that the dismal, cool, dreary, rainy days are gone.  This week the sun and heat returned with a vengeance.  Warm sunny days bring visions of summertime.  That is a bittersweet time in our home.  The kids are already in countdown mode for school to be over.  As for me, I am in a countdown mode much like someone on death row.  What do you do with 10 kids for 90 straight days who are too young or too lazy to work?  I could ring our governer's neck for making school start after Labor Day.  That adds a whole two weeks to their summer and my sentence.

What's so funny is that I will have "only" eight kids (the two oldest may stay in PA for the summer).  But, each of them will "attract" at least one other during the summer months.  So, on any given day, I can look out of my window and see as many as 12+ kids in my backyard.  I should start charging day camp fees.  I have two people who will actually come with their kid because the child has no siblings to play with.  I would more than happy to bring some of my grandkids over for a few afternoons each week but I am not sure the parents would go for that.

Looking for an easy way to save money? Load your favorite store's digital coupons on your loyalty card. I just activated several digital coupons on my Giant loyalty card.  I ground beef for my meal plan for next week.  I really don't want to pay more than $2.50 per pound for 80/20 ground beef.  So, I checked the website for Giant and found a digital coupon ($7.50 off a $25+ fresh meat or poultry purchase).  Last week, there was a $5 off $10 purchase.  So, register your loyalty cards online and download those valuable coupons.  Generally, digital coupons are only valid for a single use. 

Note:  Your digital coupon offers may be totally different from mine.  They are based on your shopping patterns.  So, you may not have the fresh meat coupon available for download.

Two coupon inserts this coming weekend:
SmartSource 5/21
Red Plum 5/21
P&G 5/28 will come in the May 28th newspaper.

Planning to do my June meal plan for the entire month!!!  The absolute most awful feeling is to stand in the middle of my kitchen 15 minutes before the first wave of our 8 kids burst through the kitchen and not know what's for dinner.  That has happened to me twice.  Never again!!!  Now, I plan a 7 to 10-day menu at a time and most times two weeks.  However, I want less stress and a month's worth of meals already planned and shopped will give me that.  Wanna know what's for dinner in the Conway house in June?  I will share our monthly menu with you next week.

Happy Couponing!!!
ShaRon :o)
John 21:18

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Super Double Coupons at Harris Teeter

Hey, Y'all!

Looks like a pattern is developing that will allow us to predict Harris Teeter Super Doubles.  This is the 5th month this year for Super Doubles to occur during the first full weekend of the month.  So, go to your favorite coupon database and hunt up those $1 to $2 coupons then run to your local HT for some great deals.  Here's a link to some of my favorite coupon databases: Coupon Database Links  Each will give you a headstart on finding those high-value coupons.

Here's a link to some of my favorite coupon databases: Coupon Database Links  Each will give you a headstart on finding those high- value coupons.

Oh, I ordered my brand new 16.6 cubic inch upright freezer.  I will arrive on Tuesday.  I am so excited and can't wait to load it up with tons of freezer meals and prepared side dishes. 

I have really found a new love for cooking and preparing great tasting meals for big my family.  This is my legacy that will reach my great-great-grandchildren and beyond.  I am teaching recipes to my grandchildren that I learned by watching my grandmother and my husband's grandmother, too.  I pass along many life lessons during those teachable moments with my grandchildren watching and helping me in the kitchen. Somehow, microwave dinners do not lend themselves to teachable moments.  The food is already prepared and cooks too fast.

Good night and sweet dreams for tomorrow the Son shines!
ShaRon :o)
John 21:18

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Once a Month Meal Preparation...

Hey, Y'all!

It was just a day or two ago when I told you that I was in the market for a new or almost new freezer.  Well, God is so good!  I am just a click away from purchasing a brand new upright freezer.
The price of the new freezer before taxes is $529.  I opted for an upright freezer. I am too old to do all the bending required to pack the freezer; lift out heavy frozen packages; load heavy packages into the freezer, and try to remember what is on the bottom under 200 pounds or more of frozen food.

I chose Best Buy because I already have a reward card ($164) from a large purchase I made a couple of years ago.  I am using the $180 cash out from Pine Cone Research (I get $3 per survey) that I have been saving since I last used it to purchase my new computer.  That was just about two years ago this month. I have $46 in my SavingStar account and will cash that in this week, as well.  The freezer purchase will generate a $5 reward from Best Buy and another $5 reward from EBates. The last reward site for me to cash in is CheckOut51 ($20). So, that gives me a total of $420 towards my freezer.  In other words, I will purchase that $529 freezer for $109!  That's a yard sale bargain.

By the way, this will be the second freezer I have purchased with these same discount sites funding my purchase.  Yes, it is tedious and not everyone will want to go through the hassle of saving bits and pieces of money for nearly six months or more.  But, the money we save will fill up our new freezer with lots of meals.

I hope to take you on my journey as I fill up that new freezer with a month's worth of packaged meals.  Meals that will be ready for the crockpot or oven with little or no further prep than unzipping the freezer bag(s).  As I said in my last blast, I regularly (weekly) prepare large quantities of cooked items for the freezer.  Now, I will have a freezer dedicated to just those items.  I plan to package all the freezer meals and the cooked items in ziploc bags.  The plastic containers take up too much space.  I may use them for soups, sauces, broths, etc. but not for meals.

This will be our third freezer and it will take the place of one of our three refrigerators.  One refrigerator is dying (the frozen foods were thawing in the freezer section).  It was given to us about 5+ years ago and has done a great job otherwise.  Best Buy will haul it away for free.

If you would like to know more about the sites that made it possible for us to get a 30-inch computer monitor, HP computer, printer, and freezer #1 all for free or almost free, here are the listings for them:
  • SavingStar - Sign up with your customer loyalty cards for your favorite supermarket(s) and pharmacy(ies)
  • EBates  - Use my link and we both get a bonus when you sign up and use it the first time. 
  • Pine Cone Research (usually only by referral or invitation during their open season about once or twice a year)
  • Checkout51 - Purchase groceries on the list; take a photo of your receipt via their app and they credit your CheckOut51 account.  When you get to $20 in rewards, you can request a "payout" via a check.
Happy Couponing!

ShaRon :o)
John 21:18

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Blast from My Coupon Past...

Good Morning, Everyone!

A few months ago, someone asked me how long I had been couponing.  I told them I had been an avid (some might say "rabid") couponer for about 5 years.  But I qualified my answer by adding that I used to coupon when my children were very young. 

Well, I was cleaning out some old clutter in a cabinet this afternoon and found these treasures!!! Coupons!!!!  The coupons are nearly 40 years old.  They have no barcodes but they do have expiration dates.  Most expired in 1979 & 1980! Notice the denominations...7¢, 10¢, 12¢, and 15¢.  Wow! I wonder what the store prices looked like. 

I remember going to the supermarket on my first shopping trip after getting married.  We spent about $80 stocking our kitchen with spices, condiments, meats, seafood, poultry, eggs, milk, vegetables, canned and boxed goods, toiletries, cleaning supplies, cat food, etc.  The receipt for that trip was about 8 to 10 ft long.  We used to keep it taped to our refrigerator.  It was folded in half and still nearly reached the floor from the top of the refrigerator.    

We have started our deep spring cleaning in what has been my pantry/stockpile room in the basement.  Our goal is to get that room completely decluttered by the end of the month.  I am making room for a brand new or nearly new freezer.  I am using the rewards from the Ebates, CheckOut 51, Pine Cone Research, and Saving Star deals I have done so far this year.  I will share more about them in my next email and give you sneak peak at the freezer on my wishlist.  BTW, if you have an upright freezer to sell or give away, please know that I accept all offers of assistance graciously.  Thanks! 

The new freezer (freezer #3) will be used solely for our make-ahead freezer meals.  These are whole meals prepared raw and frozen to be cooked either in the oven or in a crockpot.  The freezer will also hold prepared meals like chili, soups, stew; and side dishes like cooked vegetables and meats.  I regularly cook several pounds of ground beef and turkey; bacon & sausage; and spare ribs; gallons of spaghetti sauce, chili, and soup.  Last week, I cooked 25 pounds of collard greens and froze them.  This weekend, I will be cooking 30 lbs of home-fried potatoes and onions. Pre-cooked items make mealtime less hectic and cut preparation times.  You can check out one of the websites I follow by clicking this link: Once-a-Month Meals
Coupons in abundance this coming weekend.  FOUR inserts expected this weekend!!!
Click this link for a preview of the coupons expected but not guaranteed: 2 RedPlum and 2 SmartSource

Looking for some great deals?  Check out this link: The Bizzy Coupon Bee Deals Links.
Looking for coupons for those deals? Check out this link:  The Krazy Coupon Lady

Happy Couponing!!!
ShaRon :o)
John 21:18

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Big Family Musings...

Good Morning, Everyone!

I apologize for not sending out coupon info the last couple of weeks.  I had cataract surgery (two consecutive Wednesdays - rt eye and then the left one).  I was able to do some work but by the time I got ready to do other emails the eye strain took its toll.  Eyes burning, tearing, and blurred vision.  Doing so much better now.

Really trying to get back in the groove of making my YouTube videos.  Just cannot seem to get the time.  My husband gets very impatient when I ask him to take the videos.  The kids will do them for me but there is often so much background chatter that no one would be able to hear me.  Of course, the alternative is to go ahead and make the videos even with the kids playing and giggling in the background. I can always mute them and do a voice over late at night when everyone is in bed.  I'll figure it out...

About two or three weeks ago, I wrote a letter to ShopRite about Senior Shopping Day.  Every Tuesday they give 5% discounts to seniors 60+.  You have to remind them unless you already look 60+.  I no longer have to remind them.  Anyway, the letter I wrote was a suggestion.  I told them that the seniors who shop there need assistance.  The writing is too small, shelves too high, large containers too heavy, and can't find what we are looking for.  I suggested that they have a core time for some ShopRite employees to help the seniors with their shopping.  I suggested that the program should be done on Senior Discount Shopping Tuesdays from 10 AM to 2 PM.  I told them that most seniors start out after the morning rush hour and head home before the afternoon rush hour. 

The letter was quite lengthy but I wanted them to understand just how important the shopping assistance was needed.  Well, I was walking past the customer service counter this afternoon when I saw the flyer attached below.  I was so excited.  I ran to the truck to tell Hampton what I had done and that ShopRite started the program for seniors because of my letter.  Hampton smiled proudly and said, "Where's your name?"  I told him it did not need my name because I knew I had made a difference and that was enough.  Yay!!! I am proud of me :o)  Why not write the supermarkets in your neighborhood and tell them to help the seniors shop in their stores.

Next, there will be FOUR inserts this weekend!!!!  Here's the link to the previews: Sunday Coupon Previews As always, you can expect some differences in the face value and actual coupons that appear in your local paper.

Hint for this week:  You can often go to customer service and get the next week's circular days before the sales begin at that store.  This will help you organize your coupons and shopping trips and keep you from making impulse purchases.  In addition, it will give you a chance to search for coupons and compare the current week's sales with the next week's sales. 

That's all for now.  Enjoy the stretch of 80+ degree days coming our way the rest of this week.

ShaRon :o)
John 21:18

Friday, April 7, 2017

Good Morning!

Good Morning, Everyone!

At least, it is my morning.  It is 3:15 AM.  Everyone is all tucked in their bed with visions of tomorrow's snack in their heads.  My big family is food driven.  "Want to go out and play?  Straighten up your room."  "Want a snack after school?  Make up your bed."  "Want dessert after dinner?  Go take out the trash and garbage." 

Now, these tactics only work on what we call "The Conway 5" or "The Little Kids".  These are the children 10 years old and younger (10, 9, 8, 6, and 5 years old).  The 5 teenagers (12, 13, 14, 15, & 18) are not really motivated to do anything unless we take their phones.  The oldest two are away in school.  One is in college (Geneva College) and the other in boarding school (The Kiski School).

I rule the wee hours of the morning.  It is during this time that I plan the monthly meal menus, do the bi-weekly shopping list, scour facebook pages, blogs, and videos of other large families for ideas.  Specifically, taming the laundry beast, wrangling the clutter monster, ways to add more hours to my day, and of course, cooking good & tasty meals for my large family.  This is also the time I get to write my couponing tips to you all and just chill. 

I do plan to start doing my videos again.  Several of you asked me to send the link to my youtube videos.  Here's how you find my 100+ video posts from the last 3 or 4 years.  Click this link: and then type "redbeelips" or "ShaRon Lewis-Conway" in the search field at the top of the page.  That will bring up all my videos. I am planning to refine my youtube channel and get it more organized.  I will have to do that on one of my late night/early morning sessions.  My house is just too busy during the day to make any videos.  From 3 PM to 6 PM, my house has to be one of the busiest homes in Maryland!  That's when the kids start coming home from school.  For those three hours, it is nonstop chatter and busy-ness! 

I try my very best to have dinner all prepared and snacks made before that first school bus comes.  Most days, I do but some days, I don't.  When that happens, I have to finish dinner preparation, fix snacks, hear the trials and tribulations of all eight kids, help with homework and projects, give extra hugs to the needy, and do whatever else needs MiMi's attention all at once.  WHEW!  But, this is what keeps me active and alert.  I highly recommend it!

Thankfully, I don't have to get up to get the kids off to school.  That task is handled by their father.  Every morning (starting at 5:45 AM), he gets 8 kids up, dressed, hair combed or flat-ironed, breakfast done, and out the door.  Most mornings, I don't even hear them.  Please, know that my grandkids are not perfect, by any means.  They are children and they act exactly like children (and teenagers) every chance they get.

On to the good stuff,  three (3) inserts this weekend with some really great coupons.

Look for sales on fresh fruits and veggies as the produce shipments start arriving in mass from the southern growers.  If you or your spouse is a veteran, shopping at Lowes will net you a 5% discount off your total purchase every day of the week.  Just show your id card. 

Most stores near armed forces installations give discounts to active or retired military and Department of Defense employees and retirees.  You will generally need an ID card.  I got a new phone this week and asked for a discount on my AT&T phone bill.  They told me that I could get a 15% discount off my monthly bill with my AARP card.  I am going back this afternoon.  That will be a $45 per month discount for me!  Bottom line, just ask.

That's it for now.  Time for me to go to bed.  It is now 4:37 AM :o)

Happy Couponing!
ShaRon :o)
John 21:18