Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Coupon Insert Previews & Things...

Hey, Y'all!
Been really busy with end of the year events for our 10 kids.  The kids are my grandchildren.  They and their father now live with us and fill our home with the antics and chatter of kids from 4 years to 17 years old.  Our lives and our home will never be the same and most days that's more fun than not.

I am going to start doing my videos again.  I stopped making them because the only time I could have the quiet I wanted was when everyone was asleep.  Unfortunately, at my age, that is when I wanted to sleep, too.  However, recently, I have been watching some video of other large families (all smaller than ours) and their videos are filled with the banter and antics of their children.  Instead of that background music, they have kid background voices.  I hope to start tomorrow with a tour of my cold food storage.  Later this week, you will get a chance to visit our pantry storehouse.  I hope to do at least one video each week....at least that is the plan :o) My videos will give everyone a glimpse of our life in a "shoe".  "There was an old lady who lived in a shoe.  She had so many children..."  I'm that old lady and I am quickly figuring out what I need to do.  So, look out for the links to my youtube channel and be a part of My Big Family Life. 

Here's the links to next week's inserts:

Staples Copy Paper is on sale for 1¢ again this week!!!
Go to Staples.com/coupons for more coupon deals.

CVS is preparing to go paperless with their digital receipts and ExtraCareRewards.
The ECBs will soon have a much longer "shelf life" and not expire for at least a month or more.
When you sign onto CVS.com to see the week's circular, you will see ads targeting those items that you purchased most oftem.
Lot's more changes coming.  Looks like most are customer friendly.

Happy Couponing!
ShaRon :o)

Monday, June 6, 2016

My Sweet ShopRite Deals of the Week!

If you don't have a local ShopRite near you, please, don't waste your time reading this. 
Go clip some coupons. :o)

First Great Deal!

Sometimes, I luck up on a deal or coupons that I just have to share.   Here are a few really sweet deals at my local ShopRite here in Maryland (Silver Spring store). 
In my home we have ten (10) children and three adults who all love to eat eggs.  So, if I don't have at least 4 or 5 dozen eggs in my refrigerator at all times, I start to panic. 

The egg deal for 30 large eggs has been appearing at my local ShopRite for $2.09.  I thought that was a great deal until I saw  $1.77 for 30 large eggs. 
That's about 6¢ per egg!!!  I will buy 4 (10 dz) today and 8 more later this week (20 dz).  (Limit is four cartons of 30 eggs) That should last us just about a month. 
That's only about 2 dz eggs per person per month.  How do I use the eggs?  Pancakes, French toast, scrambled eggs, waffles, deviled eggs, pickled eggs, and more.
Eggs will stay fresh for 3 to 5 weeks after you purchase them.  Check this fact on StillTasty.com
Maybe I'll double that egg order :o)

Next Great Deal!
Skippy Peanut Butter Coupon
Coupon for printable Skippy Coupon (prints as a pdf, you can select the number of coupons you want to print) Skippy Coupon Link)
Pair the coupon with the SR digital coupon and get FREE peanut butter and then get addition jars for 99¢ each. 
You can get 4 per variety but can use only 4 like coupons.                    

Here's yet another great deal match up!
I will be loading up on Zest and Coast bar soap.  We use about two/three bars per week.
The regular price is $4.24 for 8 bars (53¢ ea.)  Both are on sale at ShopRite for $2.99 for 8 bars.
I have Zest & Coast coupons for 50¢/1 that will double to $1 off. That will net me 8 bars for $1.99 (25¢ ea).
There is also a 50¢ digital coupon off one pack of 8 making one pack $2.49 and $1.49 when paired with the 50¢/1 qpon (doubles to $1).
Digital coupons can be paired with manufacturer's coupons but can only be used once. Digital coupons do not double.
Additional Zest and Coast coupons are available here:  CommonKindness.com
I will repeat these three deals at least twice this week.  In case you are wondering where I am storing all this stuff...
We have three refrigerators, two freezers, and a basement room used as our pantry. 
We are not hoarding, its just a couple of week's worth of grocery shopping.

Finally, don't forget to load those digital coupons on your card. 
Click this link and follow the directions.  ShopRite Digital Coupons You must register first on the ShopRite website.

Don't forget that Tuesday's are 5% off for seniors. 
So, go get Grandma and take her shopping.

Happy Couponing!
ShaRon :o)

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

No More Paper Receipts from CVS!

No More Paper Receipts from CVS!

No more paper receipts from CVS.  Click this link to find out when this will happen:  CVS Digital Coupons

Still getting those pesky robo calls???  Sign up for NoMoRobo...its free!  We haven't gotten a call in nearly two months.

Don't forget to download those printable coupons.  Download today to get the last of the coupons available for May.  Download again Wednesday to get a jump on the new coupons available for June.  Click the links below to go to some great printable websites:

Happy Couponing!
ShaRon :o)

Friday, May 20, 2016

Fun for Kids and Couponing, too!

Hey, Y'all!

Three inserts this weekend: 
Cheap and Free Summer Fun for Kids:  Y'all know that I am all over this for my 10 grandkids who are living with my husband and me.  We found lots of free stuff in Baltimore and DC but the fare for 13 people on the metro is just about $121 (off peak) roundtrip and that does not include parking. 

So, for us, free means we can load up our van and drive to our "free" entertainment or other fun happenings.

Here's some links to great free and cheap summer fun:
​If you live near an Aldi, 1 gallon of milk is just $1.99.  We are down to our last two gallons.  I will get a dozen gallons or so and freeze them.  Just remember to pour about 8 oz out of the bottle to allow for expansion when it freezes.  Also, it takes about three to four days for the milk to defrost in your refrigerator.  Shake well once it is completely defrosted. 

Eggs at Aldi are just 89¢/dz this weekend only (Fri & Sat).  Eggs at ShopRite are $2.09 for 2 1/2 dz (30 eggs).

​Happy Couponing!​


Monday, May 9, 2016

Unadvertised Specials for Maryland and Other States, too.

These are unadvertised deals for this week's sales (Week of 5.8-5.14)
Unadvertised sale items vary by store and region

Unadvertised Deals @ ShopRite (Maryland) Most MD ShopRite Stores double Qpons with a face value up to and including $1
Other States
You can choose the deals by state with the drop down menu in the upper left corner of the page.  Click on "Filter by State" on that page as shown below. 

​Four coupon inserts expected this coming weekend!!!
Very few coupons for food items.  Tons and tons of coupons for toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.), laundry detergent, personal hygiene, and bathroom paper products.  Hold on to these coupons for some really deep sales later in the month but don't let them expire on you.

Coupon Inserts "Expected"
RedPlum #1 - 5.15.16
RedPlum #2 - 5.15.16
RedPlum #3 - 5.15.16
SmartSource - 5.15.16

Be sure to leave some stuff for me!
Happy Couponing!​


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Rethinking Coupon Strategies...

All links are highlighted in yellow.

Hey, Y'all!

Been feeling kinda yucky for the last couple of days and not because of the weather.  I have a cold that I caught from one of my 10+ grandkids.  They get over their colds in 1 to 2 days max.  I have been sick since Tuesday and still feel like someone sucked all the energy out of me.

Anyway, I made a coupon shopping run to my local ShopRite this afternoon.  I ALWAYS go to SRite because they double coupons with a face value of $1 so that they are worth $2 off!!  But, now they have restrictions that are a pain in the butt.  I have to have a net total of $25 after all coupons have been scanned in order for my coupons to double.  That's not a problem if meat, poultry, seafood, or other big ticket items are on my list to buy.  But, otherwise, it isn't worth it.  So, as of next week, I will start looking at deals from other supermarkets like Super Walmart and Shoppers.  My pharmacy of choice is still CVS.  I have mastered the art of CVS couponing and don't have the brain cells to cram in Walgreens or RiteAid strategies just yet.  Maybe later this summer.

This weeks best links:
The Coupon Mom website can be a little confusing because it has so much info on its pages.  But, just click through the links and you will soon agree that this website has tons of information and deal match ups.  I learned to coupon by visiting every single one of the links on this website five years ago.  Then, I hit youtube and watched tons of videos that other more experienced couponers made.  Just go to YouTube and search "Couponing"  or "Learn How to Coupon".

I gave up my 17 pound coupon organizer and started the "Whole Insert" method after going to a coupon class in Tampa, Florida about 4 years ago.  It was presented by the ladies who are behind the website TrueCouponing.com  They have videos on youtube, as well.  Most of their supermarket deals are for Publix. It is an awesome place to coupon.  But, they are only found in the south.
Happy Couponing!
ShaRon :o)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Staples Printer/Copier Paper 1¢

Staples Printer/Copier Paper 1¢/Ream!!! (after rebate)
Limit 4 reams per person - Click on the photo or go to Staples.com/Coupons
The online rebate process is very easy and rebate check arrives in just about 2 weeks.  Just follow the directions on your receipt. 
Be sure to check the link every week.  This 1¢ sale repeats very often.
Happy Couponing!
ShaRon :o)