Saturday, April 16, 2016

Just a Few Coupon Things...

Hey, Everyone!
First, I must apologize for not keeping y'all up to date on the happenings lately.  My family life keeps me so busy that I can hardly catch my breath.  I have a house filled with the chatter, laughter, and antics of 10 children and their father who now live with my husband and I.  We are living the life we prayed for so we are by no means complaining.  I just sayin' please forgive me for not keeping you informed.

On to the happenings...
Harris Teeter is having their Super Double Deal Extravaganza thru Tuesday.  They are doubling coupons with a face value of up to $2!  So, all of your coupons will be worth twice as much.  For example, a $2 coupon will be worth $4!!!  Harris Teeter only allows 3 identical coupons and a total of 20 coupons per card per day. Their rain checks never expire.

Use the Hot Coupon World database to sort on $1 and $2 coupons.  Go to the column that says "value".  Click on it and choose $1 or $2.  All of the current $1 or $2 coupons will be listed.  If you need help.  Just drop me a line and I will be more than happy to help.

Remember, ShopRite doubles coupons with a face value of us to and including $1.  Most other stores only double coupons with a face value of up to 99¢.   They allow 4 of the same coupons per card and only 20 total coupons per card per day.

The links below will help you plan ahead.  Remember, coupons are regional and will probably vary as to face value, if they appear in the inserts as listed.  The insert schedule is a guide.  There may be more or less inserts than expected.
​Next week:  Do you have FEPBLUE Blue Cross Blue Shield from the Federal Gov't?  If so, you may be wasting up to $300+ dollars every year and not know it.  I will send you links next week to show you how to get those dollars on debit cards that you can use for over the counter medical expenses this year and every year.

​Happy Couponing!!!​


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Is it really on sale???

Coupon preview for April 17th: 2 inserts (RedPlum & SmartSource)

Lots of awesome coupons appeared in the coupon inserts this past weekend.  Don't waste your coupons on items that are either not on sale or are not really on sale.  Look at the items below.  According to my buying guidelines, the item on the left is on sale but the other is not. 

I try not to purchase items that are not on sale for at least 25%-30% or more off the regular price.  If I have a coupon for a sale item, I can match it with that item and get it for 50%-75% or more off the regular price. 

I have a $1 coupon for Nivea that appeared in this week's Smart Source.  My supermarket doubles $1 coupons..  I will be able to purchase the lotion for $1 using my doubled $1 coupon.  I do not have a coupon for the Nivea lip care.  If I had a $1 coupon for the lip care, I might buy one or two but I would not stock up

The 10 pairs of little ashy arms and legs at my house will need lots of Nivea this summer. 

Remember, always check the fine print on the price tag.  Is it really on sale? 

Happy Couponing!
ShaRon :o)