Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My CVS Paper Towel Toilet Paper Deal

Hey, Y'all

I know that you are busy getting ready for the holidays. 
Whether you are hosting or going for a visit this holiday season, you will need paper towels or toilet paper.  My coupon classes always have students who want to know how I get my toilet paper and/or paper towels for free or almost free.

I have planned a shopping run to CVS tomorrow for 30 rolls of paper towels. 
My shopping budget for CVS this week is $20 OOP (out of pocket).

I will start the trip with a $10 ExtraCare Bucks(ECBs) coupon that I got on a shopping trip to CVS two weeks ago.

Well, here's the scenario I will use on Wednesday:  This deal ends 12.15.12

  • I will buy 5 Scott Mega Roll Choose-a-size paper towels (6 PK) @ $5.98 each = $29.90
  • Use 5 Scott $1.25/1 coupons + $10 ECB (you will have to sign up as a new member to get the coupons.  They are only available if you are a NEW member.  I signed up email addresses using my junk mail/spam folderYou will also have to give them 3 email contacts.  I used several from my spam folder, too. :-)  You will only be able to print two coupons per computer and you will need 3 computers.)
  • $29.90 - $6.25 (Qs) - $10 ECB = $13.65 OOP and receive $10 ECB or $13.65 - $10 ECB (received at check out) = $3.65
  • Bottom line: Get 30 rolls of toilet paper for $3.65 (approx. 12¢ per roll)
Not quite free but almost! 

If you have fewer or more ECBs, your bottom line will vary from mine.  I will scan my card when I enter the store and hopefully receive a dollar or two in ECBs and use those to lower my bottom line.

How do you get ECBs?

  • Get ECBs by participating in online surveys (www.cvsadvisor.com).  
  • You will receive % off ECBs every week when you register your CVS card on www.cvs.com  
  • You will receive an ECB in your email as soon as you register your card.
  • Each quarter you will receive an ECB equal to 2% of your spending for the previous 3 months.  There's a special until the end of the year. 
    You will get an alert when you scan your card telling you about get double spending credits until January. You have to go to the cashier and they will scan your card and the coupon and you will start to accrue the double spending credits for the rest of this year. 
  • Scan your card at the CVS Redbox coupon machine each time you enter the store.
  • Scan the card twice per visit (only once a day).
  • Get a CVS green bag tag at any CVS for more info on how it works, click this link:  CVS Green Bag Tag 
Happy Couponing!
ShaRon, The Bizzy Coupon Bee