Friday, January 4, 2013

Attention all my coupon bees who shop at Harris Teeter!

Hopefully, you have already registered your customer loyalty cards online with Harris Teeter.  Once you do this, you will begin receiving Savings Alerts like the one in this email. 

Below you can see some great sale items for this weekend and ending January 8th.  But when I went online to their digital coupons that are loaded directly onto your loyalty card, the sale items where an even better deal.

Digital HT Coupons (You must register your loyalty card online to be able to download coupons to your card.)

Here are some e-Vic and digital coupon deals at HT:

  • Tide Detergent:  $11.97 for 100 oz bottle - Use $1.50 coupon from this Sunday's paper (doubles this week to $3) + $1.50 digital HTeeter coupon = $11.97 - $4.50 = $6.47 for 100 oz Tide!!! (limit 2)
  • Lysol Wipes or Lysol cleaner:  97¢ each - Use 50¢/1 coupon (doubles to $1) in Sunday's insert = 97¢ - $1 = No Money oop (out of pocket) limit 2
  • Clorox:  $2.77 for 121 oz - Use 50¢ Clorox coupon (coupon doubles) <> - $2.77-$1 = $1.77 oop for 121 oz. bottle (limit 2)
  • Vick's Nyquil/Dayquil - $4.97 for 8 oz or 16 tabs - Use $1/1 Vick's product coupon from Sunday's paper (doubles to $2 this week) + $1 eVic digital coupon = $1.97 for 1 bottle (limit 2)
There are even more among the coupons in this Sunday's paper.  Beware of shopping at HT and not knowing the best price or the best buy price for your items. 
Remember, rain checks are your friends!!! 
Happy Couponing!
ShaRon, The Bizzy Coupon Bee
e-VIC Savings Alert - Save BIG!
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Dear VIC Customer,
e-VIC is designed to make sure you never miss out on the best deals at Harris Teeter. We wanted to send you this alert to make you aware of some very special pricing and great savings available only to selected e-VIC members and only this week! So enjoy your weekend and drop by your local Harris Teeter to save with these great offers!
Offers are valid 01/04/13 - 01/08/13, unless noted below.
Enjoy these Great Savings with your VIC Card
The special offers listed below have been selected specifically for your
VIC household as a valued e-VIC member and are non-transferable.
Saturday Only Special! Tide Detergent - 100 oz : 
eVIC Member Price January 5th ONLY - $10.97 ea - Limit 2
Saturday Only Special! Lysol Wipes or Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 24 oz or 35 ct : 
eVIC Member Price January 5th ONLY - $0.97 ea - Limit 2
Birds Eye Voila Family Size - 42 oz : eVIC Member Price - $4.97 ea - Limit 2
Clorox Bleach - 121 oz : eVIC Member Price - $2.77 ea - Limit 2
Florida's Natural Orange Juice - 59 oz : eVIC Member Price - $2.47 ea - Limit 2
Almond Breeze - 64 oz : eVIC Member Price - $1.77 ea - Limit 2
Palmolive Dish Soap - 25 oz : eVIC Member Price - $1.47 ea - Limit 2
Vicks NyQuil or DayQuil - 8 oz or 16 ct : eVIC Member Price - $4.97 ea - Limit 2
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