Friday, June 7, 2013

Coupons, Deals, & Tips...

Hey, Y'all

Still sidelined with one-handed couponing. 
However, I am determined to help you save money so you can either invite me over for a meal or take me out for a smoothie at WaWa.

First, there is a great special going on for those of you near ShopRite. 
They are giving away a $25 gas card when you spend $75 on groceries. 
I have attached the list to this email.  The total ($75) is after their store coupons and the doubled manufacturers' coupons. 
Read the fine print.  Bottom line, with a little bit of effort you could load up on up to three gas cards or ShopRite gift cards.

Free Gas Promotion
Next, here's the scoop on how to print off some great coupons.
When using print coupons sites like;;, and other sites,
you often have the option to enter a zip code.  The number of coupons available varies greatly according
to the zip code you enter.  The highest value coupons are generally those in areas with the largest population.
Here are some of the zip codes in the areas with the highest population: 77936 (El Paso, TX); 90011 (Los Angeles);
60629 (Chicago); 90650 (Norwalk, CT); 77449 (Katy, TX).

Look for these grocery specials:
  • Father's Day means great deals on tools, paint, & men's apparel
  • National Dairy Month means deals in milk, butter, cheese
  • Wonderful prices on cherries, berries, peaches, & corn

Finally, you can expect here's the SundayCouponPreview for next week.  Only one insert is expected, Smart Source

Get your papers early to use those coupons on this week's deals & sales.  Dollar Tree sells the Baltimore Sun for $1.

Happy Couponing!

ShaRon, The Bizzy Coupon Bee!