Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fresh New Printables tomorrow!

Hey, Everyone!

This is the last day to print some great printable coupons because they reset in the morning.  Yeah, I should have sent this earlier but I forgot.  But, don't fret.  You can get a jump on the fresh new ones Monday.  Take a good look at the websites and print the new coupons you want ASAP.  Most will stop printing once their national quota has been met.  Remember, you can print two of the same coupon per computer.  Enter zip code 77477 for the most coupons.   BUT, DO NOT PHOTOCOPY ANY COUPONS!!!

Save $1 (off 4-pack)Here's a great Activia Coupon for $1 off 1 pack of four or $1.50 off 1 pack of four.  The value depends upon whether or not you share your FaceBk contact info.  I have no problem sharing mine because I have no friends on my FaceBk account.  Don't feel sorry for me, I don't want any FBk friends.  Why? Well, I never post anything and never have any need to check because I have no FBk friends...except Uncle Ben, Betty Crocker, Sara Lee, Aunt Jemima, Capt. Crunch, and Mrs. Dash :-)
I encourage you all to have a "junk" facebook account in your long dead great-great grandma's or grandpa's name.  Use her/his info to sign up and get ready to cash in on some high dollar coupons.  Manufacturers regularly offer their highest value coupons on their website or Facebook page.  You can almost always print two coupons from each computer.  Just go back to the original printing link.  I have never not been able to do that. 

Happy Couponing!
ShaRon, The Bizzy Coupon Bee