Saturday, August 3, 2013


Hey, Y'all
I posted my video last evening and discovered that the first part has no sound!!!  So, I am redoing it but will be taking it off line for a few minutes to repost it.  Hopefully, that will solve the problem...if not, I will just have to share the particulars through 5 shorter videos vs the one long one (17 min).  In fact, I may just post the shorter ones anyway and you can choose to watch my Academy Award performances in one long movie or the shorter ones.
Here's the corrected video link:
There are actually three coupon inserts this week.  I got my paper this morning.  I get the Washington Post so I cannot vouch for how many appeared in other local papers.
CVS shopping next week for me will not happen.  I saw nothing that I really wanted or needed.  I have one more run to make today for more toilet paper and then I will be done for a while.
Take care,
Happy Couponing!
ShaRon, The Bizzy Coupon Bee