Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bizzy Bee Buzzz!

Hey, Everyone!
I have been trying to find ways to lessen the amount of emails I have been sending to my Bizzy Coupon Bees.   So, I have decided to send out no more than one email per week.  There may be times when I send out none at all but will be making posts directly to the bizzy bee coupon blog instead.
I am sensitive to you receiving too many emails because I am getting bogged down with them myself.  I get at least 20-30+ emails everyday in my coupon email account and it can be overwhelming.  I started thinking about my situation and I do not want to add to your email box clutter.
So, please get in the habit of checking the bizzy bee coupon blog at least on Wednesdays to get the coupon preview for the next week and check to see if there were any other posts that interest you.  In addition, I have been having lots of fun making coupon and cooking youtube videos.  You can find all of my videos just by going to and entering "redbeelips" into the search.  ALL of my videos will be available.  I think I took down all my X-rated ones...if I forgot any, let me know :-) 
If the one email per week is still too much, please do not suffer in silence.  Just let me know and I will remove you from the coupon email list. 
One more thing, the flu season is expected to start earlier than some thought.  It takes at least two weeks for the immunization to take effect.  In otherwords, get your flu shot asap.  September 30th is the last day for the $5 bonus from CVS for the flu shots.
Finally, don't forget the coupon class next Friday (not tomorrow) at Queen's Chapel UMC, 7410 Old Muirkirk RD, Beltsville, MD; 7P-9P.  The price of admission is just $5 or 5 cans of veggies.  No matter your couponing level (beginner or old veteran) you will learn something and be able to share some of your coupon tips with others.  You will learn how to save on your shopping tripswith & without clipping coupons and how to take your couponing to the next level that some may call "extreme".
Shop the Sales and Happy Couponing!
ShaRon, The Bizzy Coupon Bee
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