Sunday, November 10, 2013

Couponing Tips for Wherever You Shop!

Hey, Y'all!
I often hesitate to mention the name of the grocery store or pharmacy where I am getting my great deals.  This is because I have Bizzy Coupon Bee Buddies from all over the US reading these emails and not just from my neighborhood. 
Some of my coupon buddies who receive my emails live in the following states:
Mississippi     New Jersey     Florida     Pennsylvania           New York      
Maryland        Wisconsin        Virginia    South Carolina        Louisiana

I know I have forgotten a few states cause I did this from memory :-) at least from what memory I have remaining. 
Anyway, the stores where I shop are not really that important because it is the "technique" that makes a great couponer.  The skills and tips you learn from me will work regardless of where you shop. 
Last night, I did a late night shopping run to ShopRite grocery store here in Maryland with my husband.  Here's what I learned:

  • NEVER go shopping with anyone who is not an avid couponer...they quickly get frustrated with the attention to detail of reading each coupon, checking the product size, flavor, expiration dates, etc. 
  • NEVER shop without a list...I did not make a list.  I shopped from the stack of coupons I had organized in my coupon wallet.  I should have pulled the coupons of the items I wanted to buy and then made a list and matched the coupons to the list. I did not do that and missed some items I wanted.
  • Organize your items into transactions BEFORE you get in line and not in the check out lane...this will quickly bring the wrath of the shoppers lined up behind you and the ire of the checkout person, too. 
  • Choose your checkout associate carefully.  Look for the ones with a pleasant demeanor, teenager or young adult, doesn't look like their feet hurt, etc.  Because I was so unorganized, my check out experience was a hot mess! But because I chose my checker carefully, she remained calm and so did I.
  • If you discover that a coupon or a fist full of your coupons were not scanned go to customer service before leaving the store...take your syrupy sweet attitude with you and the customer service associate will bend over backwards to help you.
  • Do the happy dance when you get a boatload of catalinas after checkout and don't forget to take them with you.
Despite breaking nearly all my own rules, I did quite well.  My total before any deductions, scanning my shopping card, coupons, etc. was $223.05. (This was done in two transactions.) After all deductions, sales, card scanned, coupons, etc. my oop (out of pocket) was $59.81!  

But, wait!  I received the following catalinas:  two $2 coupons to save on my next shopping order
The catalinas that printed after my order last night!
(triggered by buying 8+ Clorox); one coupon for one (1) free dozen eggs; $2 coupon good on my next fresh meat purchase of $19.99 or more; $1.50 coupon off my next cereal purchase of $8.99 or more; three (3) manufacturers coupons ($1.50, $1.50, $1) off coffeemate creamer (triggered by the 5 or 6 bottles of International Delight coffee creamer).  I do not know what triggered the meat, eggs, or cereal catalinas.  I did not purchase any of those products.

Even without deducting the $9.50 in "money off" coupons off my next order, I still saved 77%!!! If I had followed all of the rules I listed above, I could have saved at least another $30!!!  

The bottom line is this: I should have left my sweetie pie at home!!!  He went with me because he really hates it when I shop late at night alone.  So, starting with my next shopping trip, I will shop early in the morning so that the sun will be high in the sky when I leave the store.  As an elderly person, I have to realize that I make a great target for someone who is out to do no good.  

Use my shopping and couponing tips at any store, pharmacy, department store, etc. and you will save, too.  Oh, I have already started my list and gathered coupons for my next shopping trip and my sweetie pie will not be coming with me :-)

Happy Couponing!
ShaRon, The Bizzy Coupon Bee

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