Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy Coupon New Year!

Happy Couponing New Year to You All!
We have an entire new year to look forward to a ton of coupon inserts.  Here's the link to the inserts expected in 2014 - Sunday Coupon Insert Schedule
Last week we got FIVE inserts.  Happy birthday to me!!  Monday, I turned 67 years old and I am still accepting gift cards, honoraria, paper money, checks, and money cards.
I am finding in my coupon classes and shopping that old people rarely coupon.  I don't know why but have decided to ask some other old folks I know why they don't.  I will share my findings the next time I send out my email blast. 
Anyway, I am old folk and I coupon proudly.  I like the hunt, the clip, the victories I have when I coupon.  Couponing keeps my brain supple and nicely wrinkled.  Couponing helps my hands keep moving and helps my memory.  Couponing helps relax me and keep my mind off things that worry the average person.  When I coupon, I can think of nothing else once I enter the "zone of coupon shopping".  I love couponing!
Here are the coupon inserts & coupons expected in this weekend's newspaper.  Remember, your actual coupons may differ slightly from those listed below.  Coupon denominations and actual product coupons differ from region, city, and sometimes within the same market area in different newspapers.
The source of this week's coupon preview came from Use a coupon database to find other coupons and then go to the grocery and pharmacy inserts to match the coupons to sales.  Remember, the "advertised sales" in the pharmacy or grocery store ads are only a small fraction of the items you will find on sale in the store.  Most retailers will only give you a raincheck for "advertised sale" items. 
Finally, most grocery store retailers have a website with its own electronic or digital coupons that you can load directly to your store loyalty card.  However, these e-coupons can usually be used only once or once per transaction and you may need to return to the website to "reload" that coupon once you use it.  However, if you have a cell phone, you can probably load it from your phone while in the store.
If you every need help finding a product coupon, drop me a line or give me a call 301.210.5091. I just want you to save more money so you can invite me and my sweetie to dinner!
ShaRon, The BizzyCouponBee!
Coupon Preview for 1.12.14
Source for this week's preview:
Red Plum 1/12/14
Emergen-C $1.50/1 vitamin supplement drink mix 10ct+ (2/28/14)
Gain $.50/1 detergent or fabric enhancer ets (2/28/14)
Gain $1/2 detergents or fabric enhancer ets (2/28/14)
Garnier $2/1 moisturizer (3/8/14)
Garnier $3/1 olia oil powered haircolor (3/8/14)
Garnier Fructis $2/1 shampoo or conditioner ets (2/22/14)
Garnier Fructis $2/1 styler product ets (3/8/14)
Garnier Fructis $2/1 treatment ets (2/22/14)
Gillette $1/1 anti-perspirant or deodorant ets (2/28/14)
Jack in the Box free sweet potato fries with any purchase (2/16/14) (2 coupons)
L'Oreal $1/1 lip product (3/8/14)
L'Oreal $1/1 paris eye product (3/8/14)
L'Oreal $1/1 paris eye shadow or liner (3/8/14)
L'Oreal $1/1 studio line product (3/8/14)
L'Oreal $2/1 oleotherapy, everpure, everstrong, eversleek, evercreme or evercurl shampoo or conditioner (3/8/14)
L'Oreal $2/1 oleotherapy, everpure, everstrong, eversleek, evercreme or evercurl treatment (3/8/14)
L'Oreal $3/1 preference haircolor (3/8/14)
Maybelline New York$1/1 face product (3/8/14)
Nature's Bounty $2/1 optimal solutions product (3/9/14)
NyQuil/DayQuil $1/1 severe product ets (2/28/14)
Old Spice $1/1 anti-perspirant or deodorant ets (2/28/14)
Old Spice $2/1 body spray ets (2/28/14)
Secret $1/1 clinical excludes .5oz and trial (2/28/14)
Secret $1/1 outlast, scent expressions or destinations excludes .5oz and trial (2/28/14)
Superpretzel $.50/1 pretzeldogs product (2/28/14)
Superpretzel$.50/1 product (2/28/14)
Vicks $1/1 product excluding vapodrops, zzzquil and trial (2/28/14)
Welch's $.75/1 natural spread dnd (3/30/14)
Smart Source 1/12
Almond Accents $.50/1 3.5oz+ package (3/12/14)
Benefiber $2/1 product (3/12/14)
Benefiber $6/2 products 62 servings+ (3/12/14)
Betty Crocker $.75/2 ultimate potatoes, ultimate hamburger helper or ultimate chicken helper home cooked skillet dishes (3/8/14)
Bird's Eye $1/1 recipe ready frozen vegetables (3/9/14)
Blink $1/1 tears or geltears eye drops (2/17/14)
Blistex $.35/1 lip car product (2/26/14)
Campbell's $.40/2 condensed soups excluding chicken noodle, tomato or cream of mushroom (3/15/14)
Campbell's $.50/2 homestyle soups (3/15/14)
Campbell's $.50/5 condensed chicken noodle, tomato or cream of mushroom soups (3/15/14)
Cheerios $.75/1 multi grain, multi grain peanut butter or multi grain dark chocolate crunch (2/22/14)
Claussen $.55/1 pickles jar (3/9/14)
Complete $1/1 12oz+ solution (2/17/14)
Complete/Blink $1/1 complete blink-n-clean lens drops or blink contacts eye drops (2/17/14)
Cooked Perfect $1/1 meatballs (4/16/14)
Cottonelle $.50/2 flushable cleansing cloths ets (2/23/14)
Cottonelle $.50/2 toilet paper 4pks or 1 9pk+ (2/23/14)
Cream of Wheat $.50/1 9.8oz+ (3/31/14)
Curel $1/1 moisturizer 7.5oz+ (2/15/14)
Daisy $.50/1 cottage cheese (3/31/14)
DenTek $.50/1 floss pick or interdental cleaner $1.99+ (2/9/14)
Depend $1/1 product (2/22/14)
Depend $2/1 shields or guards for men (2/22/14)
Dr Pepper Snapple Group $.75/1 2-liter of 7up ten, a&w ten, canada dry ten, rc ten or sunkist ten soda (2/28/14)
Fiber One $.50/1 cereal (2/22/14)
Gas-X $1.25/1 product (4/12/14)
Gas-X $2.75/2+ products 18ct+ (4/12/14)
Gevalia $1.50/1 12oz coffee (2/8/14)
Gevalia $1.50/1 6ct or 9ct cappuccino, mocha latte or caramel macchiato (2/8/14)
Glade $1/1 plugins scented oil triple or twin refill or 2 single refiils (2/22/14)
Glade $1/1 sense & spray twin refill or 2 single refills (2/22/14)
Glade $3/1 plugins scented oil customizables starter kit (2/22/14)
Glade $3/1 sense & spray starter kit (2/22/14)
Halls $1/2 drops single bags 17ct+ (2/23/14)
Jell-O $1/2 refrigerated snacks (2/9/14)
Jergens $1/1 5oz+ shea beauty oil TARGET COUPON (3/1/14)
Jergens $1/1 7.5oz+ bb body perfection skin cream TARGET COUPON (3/1/14)
Jergens $1/1 moisturizer 8oz+ (2/1/14)
Ken's $1/1 16oz dressing (2/28/14)
Kleenex $.50/3 boxes 50ct+ or 1 bundle pack ets (2/8/14)
Kleenex $1/2 hand towels (2/23/14)
La Victoria $1/1 tortillas (3/2/14)
La Victoria $1/2 products 12oz+ (3/2/14)
Lee Kum Kee Buy 1 hoisin sauce, get $2 off 1 soy sauce (6/30/14)
Martha Stewart $5/1 essentials (3/31/14) 2 coupons
Maruchan $.50/1 bowl (3/15/14)
Maruchan $.50/1 yakisoba (3/15/14)
Motts' $.55/1 snack & go pouch 4pk, snack & go pouch 12pk, 6pk cups single-serve applesauce or 6pk cups medleys snack (3/9/14)
Move Free $2/1 advanced products (6/10/14)
Move Free $4/1 ultra omega (6/10/14)
New York Brand $.50/1 frozen product (3/15/14)
New York Brand $.50/1 garlic knots (3/15/14)
OPA $1/1 product (3/31/14)
Oscar Meyer $1/1 carving board meats (3/9/14)
Oscar Meyer $1/2 deli fresh lunch meat (3/9/14)
Pledge $1.50/1 floorcare product (2/23/14)
Pledge $1/2 furniture care product (2/23/14)
Prevacid 24HR $5/1 28 or 42ct product (2/23/14)
Purell $1/1 8oz+ advanced hand sanitizer (3/9/14)
Purell $1/2 products (3/9/14)
Schick $2/1 quattro for men or women disposable razor pack excludes 2ct (2/9/14)
Schick $2/1 st2, st3 or slim twin disposable excludes 2ct and 10+2ct (2/9/14)
Schick $2/1 xtreme3 disposable razor pack excludes 2ct and 10+2cxt (2/9/14)
Scott $.50/1 naturals flushable cleansing cloths (2/22/14)
Scott $1/2 1000 tissue 8pk+ or 1 16pk+ (2/22/14)
Scott $1/6+ towels rolls (2/22/14)
Scott $1/9+ extra soft bath tissue rolls (2/22/14)
Scrubbing Bubbles $.75/1 all purpose cleaner with fantastik (2/23/14)
Scrubbing Bubbles $1/2 bathroom cleaning products (2/23/14)
Scrubbing Bubbles B1G1 free toilet cleaning gel up t o$3.99 (2/22/14)
Smart Balance $.50/1 spreadable butter (2/26/14)
Smart Balance $1/1 buttery spreads (2/26/14)
South Beach Diet $1.50/1 meal bars, protein fit bars or 4pk 100 calorie smoothies (2/28/14)
South Beach Diet $1/1 snack bars (2/28/14)
Total $.75/1 whole grain or raisin bran (2/22/14)
Triaminic $5/2 products (1/19/14)
Viva $1/1 6pk+ paper towels (2/23/14)
Windex $1/2 products (2/23/14)
Windex B1G1 free touch-up cleaner up to $3.99 (2/22/14)
Ziploc $.75/2 bags (2/22/14)