Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cheap Eggs at ShopRite!

Good Morning, Everyone!

Davidson's Safest Eggs are on sale at ShopRite for $1.99 dz.  I did not realize I still had the link to their coupon until I saw it while cleaming out my inbox.

​Save this email somewhere and revisit the link about once per month or each time you see the Davidson's Safest Eggs on sale anywhere.  If you visit a store that doubles this coupon and the sale price is less than $2, you can stock up.  You can safely store eggs for about 4 to 6 weeks AFTER the expiration date as long as you keep the eggs nice and cold (not in the freezer) and they are not cracked.  You can't beat 49¢ for a dozen eggs!

By the way, there are no coupons in this week's paper.  I will miss them like an old friend.  But, this is a great time to clean out those binders and hanging files of inserts.

Take a little time to prepare for next week's shopping trip today!!!

Enjoy the beautiful weather and please remember our troops (living and passed on) and their families.  I hate war!

ShaRon :o)

Living the rest of my life in perpetual vacation mode...six Saturdays and one Sunday a week!