Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rookie Mistakes...

I love to coupon and my passion for it does not seem to be waning.  I tear, circle, clip, and cut coupons in my sleep.  I think of ways to find more printable coupons every single time I sit down at my computer.  Having said all of this, I still find that I am continuing to make rookie couponing mistakes.

For example, I had a recent shopping trip where I bought over $80 worth of groceries for just 11¢.  Actually, the store owed me money but would not ring me out because they don't allow overage.  So, I had to get a jar of mayonnaise for which I had no coupon.  But, I got that 30 ounce jar of Hellman's mayonnaise for 11¢!

Anyway, in my haste to share my awesome feat with my husband, I left the store without getting any rainchecks for some of the great sales they had that week.  In fact, I have been doing that for several shopping trips.  My excuses range from "I forgot" to "I really had to get to choir rehearsal."  

Nothing makes my stomach sink faster than picking up the following week's circular only to see items for twice the price it was the week before.  Of course, I really need it and did not get a raincheck when it was on sale.

I promise myself now that I will never again leave the store without a raincheck.  No more rookie mistakes At least, not that one.