Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Coupon Bonanza 7.27.14!!!

There will be FIVE inserts in the 7.27 Sunday papers!  I am so excited that the coupon drought is over!  Also, the new P&G insert can be used for the final four days of July to take advantage of some great deals and maximize your savings.  Check my BizzyCouponBeeBlog for a list of all the coupons expected.  Remember, the actual coupons and denominations will vary.

Be sure to get your papers on Saturday morning at WalMart, 7-11, local grocery stores and anywhere else that has the Sunday paper for sale on Saturday.  Of course, if you subscribe to your metro area newspaper, you will get the inserts on Saturday morning.

Use the coupon previews and the sneak peek links on your local pharmacy or grocery store website to get a preview of next week's sales.  Some supermarkets and pharmacies advertise their sales for the following week three days before the sale begins. 

Let's get ready to shop!!!​

ShaRon :o)

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