Thursday, September 4, 2014

Oops! My bad...

Hey, Everyone!

I made a big mistake with that bacon and egg deal I blasted across the universe.  I went to Walgreens today and found out that the deal was none existent.  The $1.50 was for "each" and not "both" as the photo implied.  I plan to write to Walgreens to complain.  Maybe they will send me a coupon as an apology.

The first thing I thought about was all my coupon buddies who were going to show up at Walgreens and try to buy that bacon and eggs.  I am so sorry.

I did buy the eggs but not the turkey bacon.  I can get that at ShopRite for 17¢ with those coupons for Butterball Turkey Bacon. 

I will let you know how the complaint to Walgreens goes.

Take care,
ShaRon :o)

Living the rest of my life in perpetual vacation mode...six Saturdays and one Sunday a week!