Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Coupons for 4.26.15

Thursday is 5% off your total shopping bill at Harris Teeter, if you are a senior citizen.  Tuesday is senior shopping day at ShopRite with a 5% discount on everything.
Double coupons with face value up to $1 at ShopRite continues thru May 2nd.  Hopefully, it will continue thru the rest of the year.  It will be two years in September since the double $1 coupons campaign began. 

Egg prices may rise sharply for the next month or so.  Millions of laying hens in the midwest had to be destroyed due to the bird flu.  Thankfully, chickens reach maturity quickly within a few months (laying eggs in about 5-6 months).  So, the prices (if they do rise) should drop quickly back to normal.

Doesn't look like we will get a P&G insert this month until the first weekend in May.  That means your P&G insert coupons will expire (April 30th).  We will have a gap of a few days before the coupon insert for May arrive (May 3rd).

That's it! 

Happy Couponing!
ShaRon :o)

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