Thursday, March 10, 2016

Coupon Notes...

Hey, Y'all!

(All links are highlighted in yellow)
Just a quick note or two to update you on coupon happenings. First, Harris Teeter is having a Colgate-Palmolive event starting today and ending on March 22nd.  Buy 3 items featured on the flyer and get $3.  Here's the link:  Colgate-Palmolive event   I don't know if this is running at any other stores???

Below are a couple of links that will cause every couponer to shudder
But, all is not gloom and doom.  Here are a couple more links that will bring a smile to every coupon clipper:
​Here's a website that is bustin' out with coupon links.
  • Coupon Links
    ​ - This website can be very difficult to navigate.  There is so much information crammed onto the first page
    that you will find it hard to find what you want.  But, fix yourself a cup of hot tea and commence to studying the web page
    and you just might find some great information.
Great buys this week and next: 
  • Corned Beef:  look for prices under $2 per pound and buy as much as your freezer will hold.  Google "corned beef recipes" for ideas on how to cook up your bounty.  Here's a link to get you started... "Corned Beef Recipes"  What time is dinner?
  • Cabbage:  look for prices under 25¢ per pound (17¢ per pound at ShopRite)  Cabbage will keep in the refrigerator for at least 4 to 6 weeks.  The large the head of cabbage, the longer it will keep.  DO NOT REMOVE ANY LEAVES AT STORE.  Store in the refrigerator and do not remove any leaves until ready to cook.  Do not put in a plastic bag.
Finally, I just renegotiated my one year contract with the Washington Post.  I get four copies of the papers each weekend.  The quote for the new subscription for the four Sunday only papers was in excess of $600!!!  Now, you know I was not paying that.  I told the little lady that I could not afford that and would have to cancel my subscription.  You know what came next..."One minute, please...I will transfer you to my termination supervisor."  I gave the same verbage to the supervisor and said I would have to cancel because I only wanted the papers for the coupons and could get a better deal with the Baltimore Sun.  The quote she gave me was for $463.  Nope! Still, not havin' it!  I told her so very politely to cancel my subscription, please.  Bottom line, I got the renewed contract for four papers for $218 a year (99¢ per Sunday paper). I will have to do that same song and dance next March.