Thursday, April 28, 2016

It's Q-pon Christmas in May!

Hey, Y'all!
We are expecting FIVE (5) coupon inserts this weekend.  I hear through the coupon grapevine that there will be some awesome coupon match ups that will save us all tons of money.  I will send a list of my favorite coupon matchup sites tomorrow.  Match up sites are websites, twitter, or facebk pages that actually post sales and the coupons to use with those deals to get items for free or almost free. 

Note:  Yes, I am on facebook, instagram, and twitter.  However, I do not accept friend requests because I only have those accounts for the coupons and deals.  AND, with ten kids, I really don't have the time to chit chat on social media and then hang around to see if someone liked what I posted.   May be in a few years, once I get organized. :o)

The five inserts expected this weekend:  RedPlum #1   RedPlum #2      SmartSource #1    SmartSource #2  P&G 5/1
As always, the actual inserts and the coupons they contain will vary from state to state, city to city, and even from one neighborhood to another.  The face value of the coupons and the number of inserts will also depend on the region, city, or state where you buy your paper.

I have been testing out a website that claims to stop those annoying robocalls.  At its peak, we were receiving so many robocalls that we stopped answering our home phone and only used the cell phones.  Blocking did not work because the robocallers/telemarketers started cloning other phone numbers.  Want to stop the robocalls for good??? Go to

I was getting at least 15 to 20+ calls a day.  Now, I get zero!!!  I followed the directions carefully and did exactly what they said to do.  Now, I can answer my home phone without hearing, "Hi, this is Debbie from cardholder services...".  In the first couple of days, a call or two got through.  But, all I had to do was add that particular number to the Nomorobo blocked list and finally we are robocall free!  There is no charge for the service. 

If you have elderly parents, sign them up for this service.  The elderly are especially susceptible to robocall or telemarketer scams.  They are lonely and just want someone to talk to.  So, sign them up and then call and spend a few moments on the phone with them and ask about their day.

Enjoy the cool weather.  
ShaRon :o)