Monday, January 2, 2017

HT Super Doubles are Baaaaaack!

Happy 2017 New Year to Everyone!

Disclaimer:  If you do not live in Harris Teeter country, ignore this email.

Harris Teeter Super Doubles are Baaaaack!!!

All coupons double up to $4!!!  50¢ coupons double to $1; $1 coupons double to $2; $1.50 coupons double to $3; $2 coupons double to $4!!!  If the coupon says, "Do Not Double" it will not double its value.

Here's how to get started.
2. Go to the Deal Matchups for Harris Teeter Super Doubles beginning Wednesday at 7 am.
3. Follow the links for the deal matchups in #2
4. Make your own Super Doubles by typing in "$2", "$1", "$1.50", etc. in the "Source" field as shown below. Only type one amount at a time.  All of the coupons will appear for that amount.  Some will be printables and others will be from inserts.  If you need help, send me an email.:

Finally, start clipping and preparing for the Harris Teeter Super Doubles starting Wednesday in most regions.  If it doesn't happen, we will all be disappointed.

Happy New Year!

ShaRon :o)