Saturday, April 7, 2012

Getting Started

Getting Started

The first thing I tell all of my new couponers is to start slow.  Don't try go out and buy twenty Sunday papers; clip 200 coupons; and then try to shop the sales at 5 or 6 stores and pharmacies.  You will implode in a very short time.
Start with no more than 4 newspapers; scan the upcoming weekly circulars at a couple of grocery stores and/or pharmacies.  Try to decide which grocery store and pharmacy you will target the following week.  Remember, you will concentrate only on those two stores for the next few weeks (grocery store and one pharmacy). 
Subscribe to the newspaper that has the most coupon inserts in your city.  If you do not live near a large metropolitan area, then you may have depend soley on printable coupons (available online), store coupons, and coupon clipping services. 
Nearly everything I have learned about couponing, I learned from many of the websites listed in "My Favorite Coupon Links".  I share them with you.  I ask only that if you use them in your blog or on your website, that you include a link back to my blog.   

If you find a dead or dying link, let me know.  

Thanks a bunch!

My Favorite Coupon Links

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Coupon Clipping Services – (Enter "product + coupon" in search box)
 Expired Coupons for Military Families – Coups for Troops   &  Coupons to Troops
Military Coupons (Expired Coupons):  Operation Expiration  & Military Coupon Program
My Savings  (Free Samples and Grocery Coupons)
Nicole’s Nickels – Couponing tips and instructions  
Publix Coupon Book (while monthly supplies last)      
Store Coupon Policies - The Krazy Coupon Lady
You Tube Couponing Videos by the hundreds!!– Enter “couponing, organize coupons, coupons, etc” in the search box