Wednesday, April 4, 2012


 Why Did I Start Couponing...Again?

I started couponing nearly 60 years ago with my grandmother, Ada.  She collected S&H Green Stamps and Plaid Stamps.  They were collectively known as "trading stamps".   The more she shopped, the more stamps she got.  I remember licking stamps for those stamp books until I got a cramp in my tongue.  The glue was not very tasty but I kept on lickin' because I knew that we were trying to get a reward.  Pots, dishes, utensils, a television or whatever I saw in the catalog, I just knew that one more lick could mean the difference between a coffeepot and a radio.  Ironically, I can't remember any of the items that we received from the boxes of trading stamp books we redeemed.

My parents also couponed in the 60' and early 70's via the coupons in Raleigh's cigarettes. They soon stopped when the first rumblings of tobacco causing lung cancer began.  They had hundreds of coupons but yet again, I do not remember a single item we got from redeeming those coupons.

Fast forward a few years, I found myself in 1973 with a new husband and beautiful baby daughter and no job.  I was on maternity leave for 8 weeks.  The leave was unpaid because we adopted our daughter.  As a result, I was not eligible for paid maternity leave.

I remember going to the local A&P with a fist full of coupons hoping to be able to use a few of them to lower my grocery bill.  I don't remember how much savings I had but it must have been worthwhile because I kept on doing it for a few years while on unpaid summer vacations (I was a school teacher).

I don't remember when I stopped.  I continued to cut a coupon here and there but nothing on the scale of what I do now.  I have become obsessed!  I tend to have an addictive personality about things I enjoy and I love saving money with my coupons.

My husband and I are retired now and 38 years later, I have returned to couponing.  I, like many of you, saw the show, "Extreme Couponing" in the winter of 2010.  I watched with my mouth wide open for the entire show.  I was hooked! At the same time, I said to myself, "Oh, oh! The stores are not going to be happy with this revelation."  And they weren't.  Couponing is not like it used to be back when it was underground.  But, you don't have to be an extreme couponer to save tons of money on your groceries, cars, clothes, homes, etc.  Take what you learn from me and others like me and use it to change your shopping lifestyle and you will save money.

I love standing and watching the bottom line shrink when I scan my loyalty card, my store coupons, and then my manufacturers coupons AND then get more coupons with my receipt.  I love it!!!!

My goal is to help you begin to reap the rewards of couponing!