Thursday, May 24, 2012

Adventures at Giant

I was in Giant Food the other day at the service desk "gently" contesting an incorrect price for one of my items I had just purchased.  The item was Chock Full o'Nuts coffee.  It was on sale for $3 per 10 ounce can (I purchased three with 75 cent coupons that doubled to $1.50).  But it kept ringing up as $5.49.  It was then that I realized that I had the wrong variety.  The sale was only for "original" and not the "Colombian" that I had. No problem, I thought. I'll just exchange it.

Anyway, I took the purchase to the service desk to make a simple to exchange.  What should have been a 2 or 3 minute transaction lasted for nearly 25 minutes.  Needless to say, the Giant associate was at her wits end and fed up to her false eyelashes with me.  I knew that no matter what transpired, I had to remain calm, non-confrontational, display NO attitude, etc.

The bottom line was that I knew that I needed to walk away with $7.47 in my hand because that is what the difference was between the sale and the non-sale items.  But the associate just could not understand the transaction.  Of course, the coupons did add to the confusion but it was not that difficult.

Finally, the associate managed to stumble upon the solution to HER dilemma and I was given $7.47.  The people behind me (all 8 of them) were learning how to speak up for themselves without be nasty or confrontational.  Actually, the coupons had little to do with the episode.  The associate was lacking in her problem solving skills.

Here's What I learned and hopefully, those behind me:
  • Never argue over a transaction.
  • Never tell them you understand what they have done, if you do not.
  • Never go to the service desk in a confrontational manner.
  • Always do the math several times BEFORE you go back to the service desk.
  • No matter what, always leave with a smile and a big "thank you" to the person who assisted you, especially when they don't deserve it.
I also picked up the FREE Giant Spring Savings coupon booklet at the service desk.  It is loaded with great coupons.  Unfortunately, they do not double.  But if you pair them with some great sales, you can still save money.  A coupon have already expired so I have only noted the ones with a little life left on them.

Coupons in the Giant Spring Savings Book
  • Barilla Pasta Sauce $1/1 Expires 6.30.12
  • Weber Seasoning or BBQ Sauce or Marinade pkts $1/1  Expires 6.30.12
  • Pearls Sliced Ripe Olives $1/3 cans Expires 5.26.12
  • Maruchan Yakisoba $1/Any 2 items Expires 5.31.12
  • Mama Francesca 8 oz Imported Parmesan, Garlic Bread or Pizza Topping $1/2 Expires 6.30.12
  • O-Live & Co. Extra Virgin Olive Oil $1/2 any bottle Expires 12.31.12
  • Dreamfields Pasta $1/2 any variety Expires 7.31.12
  • Near East Couscous $1/1 with purchase of 3 Near East Pilaf Expires 6.23.12
  • Truvia Sweetner $1/1 any size Expires 5.31.12
  • Rubbermaid Glass w/lids $1.50/1  Expires 8.31.12
  • Rubbermaid Easy Find List, Lock-its, produce saver, premier container $1/1 Expires 8.31.12
  • Energizer Max Batteries $1 Expires 11.30.12
  • Energizer Ultimate Batteries $1 Expires 11.30.12
  • GSK Advantage Brands $5 on any: Citrucel, OsCal, Ecotrin, and others Expires 6.30.12
 Finally, here's a link to a great primer for saving money when shopping at the grocery store...any grocery store: Grocery Store Spending Traps

Sunday Coupon Preview for this weekend: NO INSERTS
This is a holiday weekend and there will be no inserts in the papers on Sunday.  Take this weekend off from cutting, clipping, and stuffing coupons and clean out the coupons that have expired or will expire before you use them.  Make room for the three inserts (Red Plum, Smart Source, and PG) expected next week.

You can always go to the printables to help you in case you begin to suffer couponing anxiety or withdrawal.  The links below are from True Couponing (scroll all the way down on their website for some great couponing tips):
 Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  Remember, our service men and women who are no longer with us.  Also, remember our loved ones who have preceded us in crossing over to the other shore.

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