Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Getting Back in the Coupon Groove!

 It is time for me to get back into my shopping mode.  I have been able to stay out of the grocery stores for more than two weeks!!!  I know I saved loads of money just by NOT shopping. I rarely buy an item when it is not on sale and/or have a coupon.  But, I still spend more than I should because I love getting my staple items for free or almost free.

I can almost always reduce my shopping out of pocket expenses by 60% to 75% every single time I shop with my coupons, sales, rain checks, and clearance.  More often than not, I can get several items for free, as well.  It is not unusual for me to reduce my shopping bottom line by 90% or more.  I usually send my husband on those shopping trips.  I love to hear him brag about walking out the door without having to pay for his groceries.   He says that he feels like he is shoplifting.

My drugstore deals are also very good with my average savings around 60% when I can use my Extra Care Bucks (CVS) or Up Rewards (Rite Aid).  I often get items for free when I stack coupons and extra bucks or up rewards with sales.  I will have a Walgreens near my home in the next couple of months.  So, when it opens, I will be able to give you some insight into Walgreens savings, too.

I hate shopping at Sam's Club because they do not accept coupons.  Costco has their own set of manufacturers' coupons.  Their coupons are usually not for items I want or need and I cannot reduce my bottom line by 60% to 70% or more by shopping there.
I have decided to do a little light shopping this week and use my stash of rain checks before they expire.  My ShopRite rain checks expire 60 days after they are issued.  I have several that are expiring this month.  I love to hold on to the rain checks until I happen upon a coupon that I can match to it for even greater savings.  This way, I can make my own sales on my own terms.

Here are some great coupons:  (Don't forget to click the back button and RESEND...AFTER your first coupon prints to get the second one).

Take the CVS Dental Assessment it is only one or two questions.  You will only choose the tooth paste you prefer.  Ignore the ones at the bottom that ask you lots of medical info and just submit to get your two $1 CVS coupons that can be stacked with the Aquafresh coupons you will download in the Aquafresh link provided.
CVS Dental Assessment

Gold Peak Tea - Use at Harris Teeter or ShopRite for Free tea there.
Gold Peak Tea Coupons

Charmin is giving away $1/1 coupons but only to the first 10,000 who sign in on FBook and "Like" them...HURRY!
Cuckoo for Coupondeals Printable Coupons

Aquafresh Coupons - Register your junk email with them to access NINE great Aquafresh coupons
There are even products for toddlers first tooth brushing experience.
Aquafresh Printable Coupons

Lots of NEW coupons have been reloaded at

Other coupon websites:
Target Printable Coupons  (Remember, you can stack manufacturers' coupons with Target coupons)

ShopRite Deals and Savings for the week:
(Check the right side of the page for other store matchups)
Thrifty Coupon Diva Coupon ShopRite Matchups

Remember that some items/coupons/deals, etc may be different depending on your state, region, or zip code.

Happy Couponing!
Love, ShaRon