Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Coupon Doldrums

I love hearing about the shopping exploits of my Bizzy Coupon Bees.  Here's the most recent shopping victory posted by my niece Vanessa on her Facebook page.  She says that her friends all wanted to know how she did it!  Here's her "scenarios" she posted:
Transaction 1: CVS had a promotion that you would get $4.99 in ExtraBucks if you bought Children's Allegra.  My transaction came to $9.99. I had a manufacturers coupon for $5 off one Children's Allegra (got it in today's Sunday Newspaper) AND a CVS coupon for $4 of any Allegra (I got it when I swiped my CVS card at the CVS Card Kiosk a couple weeks ago)   After coupons I paid 99 cents and got the $4.99 extra bucks when I got my receipt.

Transaction 2: The Wisk was BOGO, and I had 4 "$2 off ONE" coupons for the Wisk. Even though its BOGO (a CVS promotion) you can still use four manufacturers coupons, they  will just go towards the two that you are paying for.  The Wisk was 8.99 ea, the total came to around $18.  I used my four "$2 off one" coupons and used $4.99  ExtraBucks that I got during my previous transaction bringing my total to around $6 after taxes. :-)

Charles, another one of my Bizzy Coupon Bees called to tell me that he was hot on the trail of FREE Starbucks canned coffee drinks and had a ton of coupons to play with. 

 If you have successes, even tiny one, let us all know so we can cheer your victories along with you. Victory is so much sweeter when it is shared with the Hive!
Sometimes, the best deals can be found one, two, or three weeks after the coupon first appears in a circular.  You may do well to avoid using coupons published in the same week you find them.  I have kicked myself many times because I jumped on what seemed like a great match-up only to find a better one the following week or so.  When that happens, I just go to a coupon clipping service to get the coupons I need and often in a larger quantity than I had before.
Only two circulars this week but the Smart Source is loaded with some great coupons.   If you are looking for great deals and/or match-ups, use one of the coupon databases listed below:
Coupon Database Saving Lifestyle  
Coupon Database –Saving with Shelley
Coupon Divas:  (weekly matchups, coupon policies)

I was so busy this entire week that I did not set foot in a store at all.  I did not shop for myself anywhere.  I let some really great coupons, rain checks, and sales expire.  To be really honest, I was experiencing the "Coupon Doldrums".

I decided to take some well worn advice I pass on to my Bizzy Coupon Bees in training.  "Don't worry about missing a great sale or fret about really high dollar coupons that expire before you can use them.  There will ALWAYS be another great sale with high dollar coupons to match."  
Sometimes,  I coupon into the wee hours of the early morning.  I LOVE IT!  I often go to sleep to the sound of birds singing, "Good Morning!"  But, just like a marathon runner, I get weary, tired, and burned out.   AND, yet, the marathoner always longs for the next 26 mile run. 
So, I will cut, sort, and stuff my coupon bounty into my binder this week and peruse the weekly circulars and online coupon match-ups.   I will probably stay up too late again and take my position at the starting line ready for another coupon marathon.  But, I am not sure that I will be running that marathon this week because I am still a little weary.   It is in times like these that I retreat to the bounty of my stockpile.  I will save money every day that I do not set foot in a store.   When I don't spend money, I am saving money.
I don't worry about missing any great sales or coupons that may expire because I know for sure that "there will ALWAYS be another great sale with high dollar coupons to match and rain checks to back them up".

So, when you find yourself in the "coupon doldrums", relax, take a break from clipping, sorting, and stuffing coupons.  Retreat to your stockpile for a week or two and save even more money by not spending any.