Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CVS Pharmacy Shoppin' This Week

I have been trying to get my shoppin' groove goin' at CVS Pharmacy this past year.  In fact, I do about 95% of my pharmacy deal shopping there.  CVS is the pharmacy where I get my prescriptions filled and have been going there for several years.  So, I know my way around the stores and their circulars.

Anyway, I was looking through this week's CVS circular preparing for a shopping run tomorrow. I love ExtraBucks deals where I can get $1, $2, $3 or even $10 back after buying qualifying rewards products.  But what really makes those deals even sweeter is to be able to start those deals with some ExtraBucks in my pocket.  Well, I have not a single one.  I used my last EB on a big lotion deal last week.  But, HOLD ON!...
Don't Forget to Scan Your ExtraCare Card at the Coupon Center

On the last page of the CVS circular I saw FREE MONEY!!!!  For 4 days only (Sunday thru Wednesday) you can get $4 in EB just for scanning your ExtraCare card at the coupon center.  Only one of these deals per household. Sorry for the late notice.  You only have today and tomorrow to get this great deal and pair it up with one of the ExtraBucks Rewards deals to score some unbelievable buys.  The EB you print will usually not expire for at least a week.  I have not seen them so I cannot tell you when the EB will expire.

Don't forget that you can stack the ExtraBucks, Manufacturer's Coupon, and match them to an item on sale and/or a product that qualifies for ExtraBucks Rewards.  You can use as many EB on a transaction as long as the amount of EB does not exceed the cost of the item(s).  If you get a negative balance, the clerks go into a panic and don't know what to do.  So, be prepared to use a "filler" or low cost item to use up the negative balance.

Here's the transaction "scenario" for the deal I did today at my local CVS.  The limit on this deal is 2 EB rewards per household with your card.  The scenario below is based on using 4/$1 Colgate Qs & 2/$2 Lubriderm  Qs.  If you have less or none, you can still get a great deal.  Remember, you must spend $20 (before coupons) to be able to use the $4 EB coupon you will receive after scanning your card at the coupon center.

Scenario for My Deal Transaction at CVS Today:
  • Bought 4 Colgate 6 oz. MaxFresh (reg. $3.99 ea) - on sale for $2.50 ea. = $10
  • Used 4/$1 Colgate Coupons from 7/15 Smart Source (SS) insert (I subscribe to 4 papers)
  • $10 (4 Colgate) - $4 (4/$1 Colgate Qs) = $6
  • Next use $4 ExtraBucks from the Coupon Center
  • $6 - $4 (EB) = $2 OOP! (out of pocket)
  • Bought additional items to bring total up to $20: 2 Lubriderm Lotions ($7.99 ea.) on Sale B1/G1 for 50% off (Buy 1 get one/Get 1 for 50% off) 
  • Lubriderm: B1 for $7.99/G1 for $3.99 = $11.98
  • Use 2/$2 Lubriderm coupons ($2 off 1):  $11.98 - $4 = $7.98
  • Total: $2 + $7.98 = $9.98 OOP1!...But, wait!!! When I scanned my card at the Red Coupon Center kiosk, I got a surprise.  I got an additional EB reward of $5 for a EB deal I qualified for and did not know it.  The deal: spend $50 on "beauty" products and receive a $5 EB reward.  I buy lots of red lipstick :-)
  • My final out of pocket (OOP) for $31.94 regular priced items on sale for $21.98 was $4.98...AND, I got $6 ExtraBucks Reward...
  • In other words, my entire order was not only FREE but I made $1 on the entire transaction.  
 So, when I go shopping next week, I will be able to start with my $6 EB.  It pays to scan your ExtraCare card and use those EB rewards wisely.  

I love a FREE deal with ExtraBucks added...SWEET!!!

Happy Couponing!
ShaRon, The Bizzy Coupon Bee