Saturday, August 4, 2012

Just a Reminder...

There are nearly $200 worth of coupons in this weekend's Washington Post!  Of course, if you subscribe to more than one paper you may have a gold mine lying around in your driveway in the morning.  I get four newspapers each weekend and you can believe that I will burst out of the house in the morning to gather my coupon treasure before they disappear from my driveway.  It is not unusual for coupon bandits to scour the neighborhood behind the carriers and remove the papers before the homeowners even realize they have been delivered.  

Be sure to get your papers early and check each one to be certain all three (3) of your inserts are inside.  If not, call your carrier.  Most carriers will redeliver your paper if you call before 10 AM.  Don't let all that money just sit in your driveway

Click the links below to see the coupons included in this weekend's paper.  As always, you may receive more or less coupons with varying denominations in your area.
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You should have a customer loyalty card for every grocery store, pharmacy, gas station, and/or department store in your area AND anywhere you visit or vacation.  Register each card online on the retailer's website, Twitter page, and like them on Facebook.  Most of the unadvertised sales, advanced sale notifications, discounts, coupons, and samples are given to holders of loyalty cards, Twitter followers, and their Facebook friends before the general public, if at all.  Most grocers and pharmacies reserve ALL of their in store discounts and sales for their loyalty card holders. Even if you do not clip coupons, you can reap the rewards of a card carrying shopper at your local retailer.  

Finally, if you do not have a "junk email and/or facebook" account, do it this weekend.  I get coupon related emails and updates at the rate of nearly 40 to 50 per day!  I doubt that you will get quite that many simply because I get that many to keep you informed.  Usually, I will simply glean my emails for some of the better notifications and pass them onto you.  However, I do not check my "junk email" account more than once or twice a day and sometimes not at all on the weekend.  As a result, you may not hear about a last minute deal from me because it may be over and done with by the time I see it.  The best way to keep ahead of the deals is for you to subscribe to some of those deal blogs yourself.  

Here are a few of my favorite blogs:
  • couponshoppinwitjane
Reminder: DO NOT sign up for newsletters, blogs, and coupons without getting a "junk email/facebook/twitter" account first.  Don't say I did not warn you!!!

Happy Couponing!
ShaRon, The Bizzy Coupon Bee