Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Super Doubles at Harris Teeter!

Good Morning!

I have yet to hit my sheets.

I have my coupons clipped, organized in my little coupon wallet, my list made and I am ready to coupon at Harris Teeter's Super Doubles in the morning.
All coupons with a face value up to and including $2 will be doubled.  Yes, $2!!! That means that $2 coupon is worth $4 off!

I just had to send this out to my bizzy coupon bees before going to sleep.
I am even thinking about hitting Harris Teeter in the early morning to catch some of these fabulous sales.
The sale starts at 7 am but I would need to be in the store by 6 am to shop the aisles and head for the register by 7 am.

The more I think about that the more I am more certain that I am not going to leave my warm bed for HT in the morning.
I will take my chances and hit the store around mid-day and fill in my missed sale items with rainchecks.  HT rainchecks never expire.
You know what???  I may just wait until Thursday.  It is Senior Discounts on Thursdays at HT...5%!
Yep, I am sleepin' in tomorrow!

Super Double Coupons - We'll double coupons up to $2.00 face value! September 12-18, 2012!

The link below will lead you to some great sales match ups.

Here's a link to their coupon policy:

Here's some eye opening news about counterfeit coupons. 
Be very careful about where you get your printable coupons.
People are copying legitimate coupons or just making their own with couponmaking software.
Either way, it is a crime and they are offering big money to find those folks.

Check out this link and then click on the "PSA" link for that coupon.

Love to all,
ShaRon, The Bizzy Coupon Bee

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