Sunday, October 14, 2012

ShopRite Deals 10/21 thru 10/21

Great ShopRite Deals 10/21 thru 10/21

Lots of great deals coming to ShopRite this coming week!

If you use Clorox, you can stock up on Clorox or other Clorox brand products and get $5 coupon off your next purchase.  You must purchase $15 worth of Clorox products to get the coupon.  My Clorox transaction will look like this:
  • Buy 9 Clorox bleach (96 oz. each) @ $1.69 = $15.21
  • Receive $5 coupon and its like getting the Clorox for $1.13 per bottle.  
  • That's a stock up price!  
  • I use about a bottle and a half each month so that deal will give me enough bleach to last at least 6 months.
The season for warm fireside snacks is coming soon.  You can snag some great Duraflame Log Coupons but don't wait until you need them.  They may be gone before you know it.  They are on sale at ShopRite but I am not certain just how their price compares with other stores.  So, I am printing these coupons now! Duraflame Log Coupons

Here's a wonderful link  to some really great printable coupons direct from the manufacturers' websites:    The Grocery Game Coupon Center   Most of these coupons are higher in value than those found on and similar websites.   

Happy Couponing'
ShaRon, The Bizzy Coupon Bee