Thursday, October 25, 2012

Back to Clipping!

True to the promise I made to myself, I did not clip coupons for an entire month.  I had more time to sit and vegetate, read a couple of books, magazines, etc.  But what happened most was, I missed tons of great bargains by not clipping my coupons.

I used the filing method (file uncut inserts) that many couponers have started using to save time by not clipping, sorting, and filing individual coupons.  But, I found that if I don't see, clip, and file each coupon, I don't know that I have it.  As a result, I can't mentally match up a sale item with the coupon.  Besides that, I really like clipping, sorting, and filing the coupons.  It's like counting money! Who doesn't like counting money?

I am planning a shopping trip for the end of this week.  Also, this Saturday, Wegman's is having a grand opening of their new store in Gambrills, MD.  Can't wait to see the bargains they will have.

Finally, I have been teaching several classes this fall and looking forward to the class I am doing for some parents at a local elementary school sponsored by their PTSA. 

This is an exciting time to coupon.  I love stockpiling comfort foods for those cold wintry days and nights.  Soups and stews and lots of home cooking for the holidays are perfect for couponing!

Happy Couponing!
ShaRon, the Bizzy Coupon Bee