Friday, November 16, 2012

Coupon Shopping at CVS

My Latest CVS Shopping Trip

I had a great evening at my local CVS in Laurel, MD.  I took my 81 year old buddy shopping with me.  Her name is Sarah and she was so funny.  Usually, she just likes to ride but decided to do a little shopping.  I had coupons for nearly everything she purchased.    

Sarah was certain that CVS was not going to let her take the Palmolive detergent out of the store.  It was only going to cost 50¢ per bottle after coupons.  At first, she was only going to get one bottle. After, I told her that I had enough coupons for her to get 8 bottles, she quickly grabbed 7 more.  I think she is hooked on couponing! 

You can see my reward in the photo below.  I was able to purchase $58.60 for $17.40 and receive $8 in ExtraCareBucks.  That means I got everything for $9.40!

2 Bottles Listerine (500ml)
2 Bottles Nivea Extended Moisture
1 Palmolive Detergent 10 oz
2 - 6 oz Tubes of Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste 
6 Tubes Nivea Lip Care 
2 CVS Chest Rub (generic Vicks Vapo Rub)