Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring coupons are springing up everywhere!

Hey, Everyone!

I hope that you are ready for the great coupons that will be filling the newspaper inserts and online printing websites this spring.  I received 125+ emails in my junk email box since Sunday of this week.  I finally had so many unread emails that I just selected them all and deleted them.  Now, I have only 7 unread emails.  I know that I deleted some great coupon deals but I was just swamped and felt overwhelmed and could not catch up with scanning the emails.

Most avid couponers suffer from "overstuffed email box syndrome".  They sign up for every coupon blog, printable coupon website, manufacturer's website, and any other coupon site they encounter.  All of this in hopes of gathering the best possible collection of coupons.  I try to help you avoid the overstuffed email box syndrome by sifting through the coupons and deals that I get in mine. By sending you the best coupons and deals that I find in my email, I hope this keeps your email box manageable.

Here's a great deal on products from Johnson and Johnson:  Healthy Essentials  You will have to sign up to print the coupons.

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