Monday, April 15, 2013

Catalina (Your Bucks Rewards)

Hey, Everyone!

I just received an email about some great new Catalina or YourBucks Rewards (YB)(Note: Catalina and YourBucks Rewards are one in the same.) You can use these rewards on anything in the store.  The rewards are triggered by your purchases of the products listed.  You can get the best savings by using your coupons and purchasing these items when they are on sale. You can get even better savings by planning your transactions so that you can "roll" the Catalinas over to buy even more of the same product to get more Catalinas and/or using them to purchase other products to trigger different YB Rewards coupons.

If your Catalina coupons do not print, politely ask the cashier if their machine is on.  If the machine is on, take your receipt to customer service.  Sometimes, they will redo the transaction.  If all else fails, contact Catalina support.  Just fill out the form here Catalina/YourBucks Rewards Support be sure to have your receipt handy.

The coupons on the site have a limited printing.  So, visit the site and get your printing done as soon  as possible.  Remember, you may print twice per computer.  Click each of the tabs to access the printable coupons and Catalinas.

Finally, here is a side note:  Please do not make copies of your coupons.  You may not know this but, your IP address (the one that identifies your computer) is printed on each coupon.  Sooner or later the "coupon police" will catch up with you.  Counterfeit coupons hurt all consumers whether or not they use coupons.

Happy Couponing!
ShaRon, The Bizzy Coupon Bee

Read the info below from the Coupon network

How to use your YourBucks® Rewards: Some of you call them "Catalinas." We call them "YourBucks." Either way, we think you'll love 'em. To get your cash back, first sign in to your account to find out if the YourBucks® Reward you have selected is available at one of your favorite stores. If it is, simply print the announcement for YourBucks® Offers you are interested in so you know what to look for in the store. After you buy the participating products, YourBucks® Rewards are printed at checkout. Like cash, YourBucks® Rewards can be used to purchase anything in the store. YourBucks® are not subject to minimums or complicated restrictions - if you want to use a $2.00 YourBucks® Reward to buy a $2.00 item and nothing else, that's cool.