Friday, August 30, 2013

Last Chance Coupons...

It's that time of the month again...your last chance to print coupons on printable websites before they reset for next month.  In addition, P&G will have an insert in this Sunday's paper.  As always, they have new printable coupons on their website, too.  Pair these with the insert coupons to increase your buying power.  You cannot stack them with each other but you can use them in addition to the insert coupons to increase the number of items that will be matched with a coupon. 
Click these links for great printable coupons:
P&G Offers
Healthy Essentials
Next, Safeway stores are having "Super Doubles" this week through next Thursday.  Their super doubles will double coupons with a face value up to $1 BUT you have to pair it with one of the "$1 Coupon Doubler" coupons found in their circulars.  One $1 coupon doubled per
"$1 Coupon Doubler" coupon.  The limit is four $1 coupons doubled per household.  I don't know if that is per day or per household "period".

Need some $1 coupons to match with this sale? 
  • Go to the Hot Coupon World Coupon Database.
  • Normally, you would type in the "Description" of the coupon.  Instead go to the next column "Value" and click it and select or type one of the following "$1/1", "$1/2", or "$1/3".  I do not know if you can use two coupons at Safeway for B1G1/BOGO deals but if you are willing to give it a shot, type in BOGO in the "Value" column, too.
  • Go to the column "Source" and select "Printable" or "Insert".  Most printables will have a direct link to the coupon to print.
  • Take your coupons (insert or printables) along with the Safeway "$1 Coupon Doubler" coupon from the circular.  The circulars are available in the store.
Please share your shopping victories with me!