Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Coupon Mania!

Hey, Y'all

It has been a while since I sat down and sent out my coupon preview updates and tips.  This is the busiest time of the year from Thanksgiving thru the New Year.  I probably will not get into a store this week unless the weather gets better.  When it snows, our emergency snow plan goes into effect.  We do not venture outside for any reason.  Old people can slip and fall in an unsuspecting second and at my age, a broken hip can end up being a very long stay in a nursing home.

The upside is that I will be able to clean up my office and organize my coupon stash.  I have just renewed/extended my four (4) ALL YOU magazine subscriptions for another year.  I received the annual gift subscription offer in my email today.  I am including the link for you just in case you want to get in on this deal.  The news stand price for ALL YOU is $2.50 a copy.  The regular subscription price is $19.92 ($1.66 per copy).  BUT, wait!!! The 2 for 1 gift special gets you two (2) one year subscriptions for $19.92 or 83¢ per copy. 

This year the magazines had between $25 and $50+ per issue.  Each month, I use much more than 83¢ worth of coupons from each copy. 

If you decide to order more than one subscription:
  • order in multiples of two (2 for 1 gift special)
  • use a different name for each subscription
  • use a different email address for each subscription
Otherwise, you will just be extending the length of the one name you use to two years rather than two separate one year subscriptions.  So, I bought subscriptions for me, my husband, my granddaughter, and daughter, used a different email address for each of us, and used my home address for them all.  I will now receive four (4) ALL YOU subscriptions through June 2015!
12.15.13 Weekly Coupon Previews (Source: CouponPreviews.info)
Coupons.com (Use zipcode 77477)
  • Sign in or set up an account and choose "Texas" as the state
  • Enter "77477" for the zip code (more coupons and value)
  • If you need help, give me a call 301.210.5091 and I will talk you through it.

Finally, we are entering the final two weeks of the double $1 coupons event at ShopRite.  My hope is that this will become a permanent sales fixture at ShopRite. 

Remember, to walk the aisles at your local supermarket.  They will have as many as 5,000+ unadvertised & manager's specials not shown in their weekly ad insert.  Most supermarkets will not give you a rain check on any "unadvertised or manager's" specials.

Bad weather + hot chocolate + organizing coupons + scanning ads + making shopping lists = Great Savings!!!  It is just that easy.

Happy Couponing!
ShaRon, The Bizzy Coupon Bee