Wednesday, September 24, 2014

9.28.14 Coupon Preview

Hey, Everyone!

Here's the coupon preview for next week. We can expect THREE inserts: Red Plum, Smart Source, And P&G.  This is one of those times when you will be able to use your P&G coupons with the next month's batch.  Always try to use up the current month's coupons in P&G before tapping into the new ones.

​atch the new coupons in the inserts with products at your local retailer that would reduce your oop (out of pocket) price by at least 50%​
​ or more off the regular price of the product.​ Now, having said that, let me say this.  I often get the best return on my coupons when I am patient and wait for a better sale that will net me a 90 to 100% reduction in my oop for a product.  Manufacturers are counting on you using that coupon as soon as you get it. 

My advice: hold on to that coupon a minimum of two weeks.  I often hold on to coupons three weeks waiting for the perfect sale.  I have learned through practice that sales cycles have a 6, 8, or 12 week turn around.  I have learned that I can expect either the store brand or name brand eggs to be on sale every 8 weeks.  So, I hold onto my coupons and then when the coupons can reduce the price of the eggs to under a dollar, I buy 8 to 12 dozen eggs.  That's enough to carry my family through to the next sale and the coupons to match.

​So, scan the coupons below; check out the printable coupons; clip your favorites; and wait for the perfect deal.

Some coupons may not appear in your local paper and their face value may be more or less than listed below.

Here are a few printable sites to check out for those of you who find your newspaper coupons lacking in quality:
Two prints per computer and do not make copies of the coupons.
Follow this link to next week's coupon preview:

Happy Couponing!

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