Saturday, September 27, 2014

More Sneak Peaks for the Week of 9.28.14

Hey, Y'all

Here's a sneak peak at next week's Walgreens sales.  Hope you saved of those high dollar coupons. 

Scan the sales; look at the coupons you have on hand and the ones expected next week and match for deals on items you want or need.
Click here for Walgreens Sneak Peak!

You are able to shop CVS sales late Saturday afternoon or evening before midnight. 
Click here for CVS Sneak Peak!
I have done this quite often to make sure that I shop when the shelves are full and to use coupons that might expire the same or next day.

As far as I can tell, RiteAid does not have a "sneak peak" feature on their website to let you get a look at the next week's sales.

Here's a tab from my blog I would love to share with you.  If you buy any prescription or over-the-counter meds, you should check out this website.  I have used it for about three years to get some fantastic discounts/coupons on over-the-counter and prescription meds.  The coupons for prescription meds must be paired with a prescription from your physician.  Quite often, you can print a certificate or coupon for a free 30 day supply of medication.   For example, here's the link to free Cialis...jus' sayin'.  The site even has coupons for  lotions like Lubriderm, Eucerin, and Amlactin.  AND, if you search for a prescription or over-the-counter med and it is not listed, send them an email and they will send you $6! 

Click here for Internet Drug Coupons!
I use this website for coupons on my favorite over-the-counter meds and lotions.

Here's some coupon  tips I found on one of my favorite websites.
Click here for Seven Common Mistakes When Shopping with Coupons.

Finally, go out this morning and buy your newspapers (one per person in your house & go up to make it an even number, if you have an odd number of family members in your home).

Happy Couponing!
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