Sunday, November 9, 2014

Couponing Updates...

Hey, Y'all!
I have been having an awesome time couponing.  When I feel a little overwhelmed with all that I have on my platter, I go couponing.  There is nothing like walking in the store and walking out with loads of free and nearly free stuff.
Saturday, I hit my local ShopRite with apparently every other couponer in Maryland.  I could count the non-couponers on one hand.  Nearly every single shopper had a fist full of coupons or a huge binder bursting at the seams with coupons.  I even saw one of my CouponBeeBuddies there, too.  She shared some great coupons with me.  She was so very sweet to do that.  Me...I don't share my coupons unless they are getting ready to expire and I know I won't use them.  That's when I transform into the "Coupon Fairy".  That makes be feel better about not sharing :o)
I got this email from one of my NJ BizzyCouponBees.  I am so very proud of her:

You would be so proud of me.
ShopRite had Ziploc bags on sale for 1.99 a box (reg 2.49).  I had $1 off 2 coupon that I printed from one of the coupon sites this morning.  I bought 4 boxes (gallon size with the slider) using 2 coupons.  Total bill 5.96.  Not great but then I got a $3 coupon off next order and a $2.75 off next order.  So 4 boxes cost me 21 cents.  Now that's a home run. 

I also stopped into my local Staples and bought my 4 reams of paper for 1¢ per ream (after mail in rebate).  My out of pocket was $20.36 (incl. tax).  I just submitted my rebate online and will get a check for $19.16.  So, my actual cost w/the tax will be $1.20 or 30¢ per ream.  It seams like Staples has this or a similar sale every week BUT you must use the coupon available online only at I have nearly 50 reams of paper!!!  I have taken the cost of paper out of my couponing. 

​Next, Monday, November 10th is the last day you can get $5 at CVS for getting your flu shot.  I was counting on this but they are all out of the special vaccine for ol' folks like me.  I will go to my doctor next week to get mine and walk away with a sore arm and no coupons.
Finally, I now have a Harris Teeter in my neighborhood.  At least, it is only about 5 miles from my house instead of 10+.  I pass it everyday and want have to make an out of the way trip to cash in on the Super Doubles coupon event when it shows up sometime in December. 
Don't forget to go to those awesome printable coupons​ on my website:  Go to the and then click the tabs: Master list of bricks and Printable Coupons by the Hundreds.
That's it! 
​Happy Couponing!​
ShaRon :o)

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