Monday, November 24, 2014

CVS Freebies for 4 Days Only!

Hey, Y'all!

Don't forget to check the FREEBIES on pages 1, 3, 14, & last page of your CVS Weekly AD.  There are lots of bogo freebies but there are also lots of items that will be free once you get the ExtraCareBucks Reward.  The sale ends WEDNESDAY and not Saturday!  I learned this the hard way last November and missed a ton of freebies.  A brand new CVS Weekly AD will be available Thursday.

There are two ways to get your freebies.  First, you can just load up your basket with the freebies featured in the CVS Weekly AD.  You will end up with a ton of ExtraCare Bucks off your next purchase.

The second way, buy one item and take the ExtraCareBucks you got for item number one and use it to pay for item number two. Take the ExtraCareBuck from item number two and use it to pay for item number three and so on...  Less money oop (out of pocket).

Tips for using ExtraCare Bucks: 
  • The ECB rewards do not carry over for another transaction if you use them on an item that costs less.  So, be sure you use your ExtraCareBucks on items that cost the same price or higher.  Don't waste a single penny!
  • If you use a manufacturer's coupon with your FREEBIE purchase, you will reduce your OOP and have a moneymaker!  Your ECB will be worth more than you paid oop.
Please sure to share your shopping victories with us!

Here's the CVS FREEBIES list!
Page one:
  • Green Giant Vegetables - 99¢ each (Limit 2 cans)
  • Total Home Laundry Deterge
    - $1.79 (Limit One)
  • Kraft Macaroni & Cheese - 99¢ each (Limit One)
Page Three:
  • Hershey
    ​'s Singles - 79¢ (Limit 1)

  • Sour Patch Gum - $1.57 (Limit 1)
  • 5 Gum - $1
  • Sour Patch Theater box or Swedish Fish Theater box - $1.67 each (Limit One)
  • Combos Baked Snacks - $1.50 each (Limit One)
  • Vitamin Water (20 oz) - $1.50 each (Limit One)
  • Starbucks Double Shot Espresso (6.5 oz) - $1.50 (Limit One)
  • Mars Chocolate (Snickers, Twix, M&M's, Air Heads, Mentos mints singles) - 79¢ each (Limit One)
Page Fourteen:
  • Tricalm Steroid free hydrogel (2 oz) - $9.99 (Limit two)
  • Rescue Gum - $5.79 (Limit One)
  • CVS Ultra-Soft Cleansing Wipes 12-20 ct - 99¢ each (Limit One)
  • CVS Training Pants Trial Size 2 ct - 99¢ each (Limit One)
  • Migralex for tough headaches 4 ct - 99¢ each (Limit One)
  • CVS Pantiliners 20 ct - 99¢ each (Limit One)
  • Robitussin Medi-Soothers 4 ct - $1.49 each (Limit Two)
  • Advil Film-Coated 4 ct - 99¢ each (Limit One)
Page Sixteen:
  • Hershey
    ​'s Singles - 79¢ (Limit 1)

Lots of requirements for this freebie for Colgate Max toothpaste.
FREE with card, instant coupon from the CVS coupon center, and coupon in the Sunday coupon circular.
Must be an ExtraCare cardholder as of 11/16/14 to get this coupon.
  • Colgate Max 6 oz, Total 4-4.2, 2in1 4.6oz or Optic White 3.5 oz - $2.99 each (Limit One)
That's it!
I love freebies!

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