Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Couponing Tips

Hey, Y'all
Just a few things for your "couponing-to-do-list":
Clean out all those expired coupons and send them to CoupsforTroops
Coupon Previews for next week (2 inserts) have been posted on the TheBizzyCouponBeeBlog

Coupon Links of the Week
  • 1¢ Ream of Staples paper (after rebate) Limit 4
  • Roman Meal Bread $1 of one loaf (doubles at $2 in MD area stores ShopRite)
  • Next week's 11/23/14 coupon previews have been posted to TheBizzyCouponBeeBlog expect two inserts next week.
  • ​Become a CVS Advisor and get big ExtraBucks of $2 to $10 for completing short surveys on your shopping experience or for making substantive recommendations.  ​
  • Washington Post Subscription ​  Sunday Washington Post for 79¢ per week for home delivery in the Wash/DC/MD area.  OR call 800.357.6086, Ext. 1.​
    ​ The offer ends 12.26.14. To negotiate this deal for several additional subscriptions, you must call.  Rule of couponing: get 1 paper for each member of your family​
    ​ + 1 or 2 to make an even number.
  • go get your coupon for $1 ream​
    ​ of Staples all purpose paper.​
    ​  Remember, this price is after rebate.​
    ​ Limit 4 reams per week.  You must have a Staples customer loyalty card before ringing up your order.​

​Finally, if you have a shellfish allergy, be sure you ask if they fry their foods in the same oil as their shellfish.  I did not think to ask this when I got my food from a local chicken place (send me an email and I will tell you which one).  Let's say this, "I will get my chicken from KFC from now on".   You can see my face after eating the chicken.  My left arm, both hands, and upper legs were all affected by the allergen in the chicken.  I spent 5 hours in the emergency room.  Much better now.

Happy Couponing!  ​ShaRon :o)

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