Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hot Off the Coupon Press!

I was shopping tonight at my local ShopRite in Silver Spring, MD.  I was listening to the music when an announcement was made about a new coupon policy that went into effect May 26th. The new policy states that in order for coupons to double you must spend at least $25.  Not a big deal for most couponers.  I regularly spend that and more trying to use up my 20 coupon quota. 

My solution would be to include items that generally do not have coupons in each shopping trip.  Poultry, beef, hamburger, milk, produce, and other similar items make great fillers for that $25 minimum.  A word of caution...only purchase those items when they are discounted at least 25% to 30% or more. 

By the way, Harris Teeter has milk on sale this week for $2.57/gallon.  Buy enough to last a month or two.  Freeze the milk and defrost when you need it.  Be sure to shake well once it is completely thawed.  I thaw mine during the day in the sink and shake it often to keep all the milk cold and to help melt the block of frozen milk in the center.  The preferred way would be to let it defrost in the refrigerator for 3 or 4 days.  I seldom think that far ahead so I do it the quick way. 

Finally, don't forget that there will be three inserts in this weekend's newspaper: RedPlum, SmartSource, and P&G You can see the coupons expected in those inserts by clicking this link:  Coupon Previews for 5.31.15

Happy Couponing!

ShaRon :o)

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